PFW SS16: Fashion Report

2nd October 2015


_ARC0063_426x639_1 _ARC0123_426x639_1 _ARC0203_426x639_1 _ARC0321_426x639_1 _ARC0521_426x639_1 _ARC0595_426x639_1

A collection made of fractured mirrors, metallic streaming, appliquéd poppers and plastic..a lot  of it. It was definintely a unique approach to fashion, but it wasn’t all synthetics; leather was used to, in many different textures and lengths.

 Key take-home message: Sometimes you can create fashionable outfits from things you find in random places

Julien David

_ARC0260_426x639 _ARC0376_426x639 _ARC0485_426x639 _ARC0619_426x639 _ARC0669_240x360 _ARC0693_426x639

A collection made for the cool artsy girl who isn’t afraid to show her true fashion identity out in public. The prints used were very feminine, summery and alluring. In contrast, the boots were heavy, masculine, and wintery.

Key take-home message:  Wear fun summery prints come summer

Isabel Marant

_ARC0102_426x639e _ARC0166_426x639 _ARC0288_426x639 _ARC0370_426x639 _ARC0510_426x639 _ARC0812_426x639

A really compelling and absorbing collection which ticked all the Isabel Marant pre-requisites: printed dresses, silver jewels..and of course, sequins. A care-free, effortless ambiance was created in these outfits which seemed to be inspired in Middle Eastern influences.

Key take-home message: Inspire yourself from beautiful things around you


CHA0024_426x639 CHA0036_426x639 CHA0039_426x639 CHA0048_426x639 CHA0053_426x639 CHA0055_426x639

A flowy collection, which is ideal for warm summer days where all you want is a loose outfit. A collection allegedly inspired by Cuba; from its sea to the military army. Overall a relaxed collection

Key take-home message: Wear something playful, wear something loose, wear something relaxed!


_MON0012_426x639_1 _MON0147_426x639_1 _MON0229_426x639_1 _MON0261_426x639_1 _MON0274_426x639_1 _MON0309_426x639_1 _MON0357_426x639_1 _MON0472_426x639_1 _MON0519_426x639_1

Adjectives that come to mind when looking at this collection are: ethereal, heavenly, feathery, whimsical, beautiful, romantic…basically it’s unapologetically feminine. Yes. Alexander has done it again, and this time it’s even more special given that it’s his last collection at Balenciaga (so sad! But we’ll always have his eponymous label). But of course, this collection wouldn’t be Wang’s if it didn’t have some edge to counterbalance the celestial vibe, such as the low-slung trousers, sporadic racer-back tops, and wiring under busts. A really successful collection.

Key take-home message: Be sublime, airy, ethereal..with a twist of course.

Christian Dior

_DIO0081_426x639_1 _DIO0099_426x639_1 _DIO0161_426x639_1 _DIO0311_426x639_1 _DIO0331_426x639_1 _DIO0371_426x639_1 _DIO0541_426x639_1 _DIO0606_426x639_1 _DIO0684_426x639_1 _DIO0782_426x639_1 _DIO0910_426x639_1 _DIO0986_426x639_1

A collection dedicated to spring romance! The venue (which was none other than the Louvre museum) was filled with  400,000 delphiniums, and was simply divine; a perfect setting for this delicate and feminine collection. Raf Simmon’s mission statement was “To simplify and concentrate on a line that expresses an idea of femininity, fragility and sensitivity, without sacrificing strength and impact,” – ✔ check.  Attention to detail was exquisite here, and overall this collection fulfilled the crowd’s expectation.

Key take-home message: This spring be feminine, and sensitive in your outfit choices. And always, always, think Dior.


8 thoughts on “PFW SS16: Fashion Report

  1. Hi mimi!
    Your blog is pretty awesome! I really like it! Its such a fashion inspiration. I love it!
    I’m sure attending all these shows must be a lot of fun!
    btw thanks for checking my blog out even though yours is way more cooler than mine!

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  2. Hello Mimi!

    Thank you for your comment on my blog! Really appreciate it!:)
    I had a look on your blog and I particularly loved your report about Paris Fashion Week! Well as a parisian I like to read about my beautiful city, of course! 😉
    The key take-home messages are really nice and I’m definitely gonna check out your next posts!

    Bonne continuation ! 😉

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