The Top 10 Colours For Summer 2016

Dear readers,

Keep reading if:

a. You’re obsessed with a dress which comes in multiple colours and you’re unsure which one you should get

b. You need a quick update on what’s trendy ATM

c. You’re looking for a stylish yet unusual colour to wear come summer

d. You’re going shopping soon and NEED to know what colours to stock up on

e. You’ve simply missed me and my posts 😇 😇 (don’t worry, I’ve missed you too!)


So I’ve never really written a post like this one before, but a few weeks ago I found myself thinking about what colour would be best for a Summer party dress? Of course this question didn’t just pop into my mind unannounced. You see, one of my good friends is getting married this Summer (whaaaat!?!) and although I pretty much knew what style dress I wanted, I was super hesitant and indecisive about the colour: Should I go with a pale, bright, or sparkly dress?? WAAAA I DON’T KNOW. So I did what every determined  fashionista would do…(#WhatWouldMimiDo?) and carried out some research on the topic.

I went through all my Spring/Summer 2016 Fashion Week files (need a refresher? Click on the links for the Paris, New York, Milan, and London runways!) to find out what the trending colours and shades were. In addition, I glanced through the main red carpet Hollywood events and went into department stores just to solidify my convictions (and of course, used this as an excuse to shop 🙈)

Finally, I thought I’d share the knowledge I’d gained with all of YOU.

So, what are you waiting for? Keep reading to find out the Top 10 Colours for Summer 2016!


Fiery Orange (Fiesta)



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