PFW SS16: Fashion Report

3rd October 2015

Rahul Mishra

_ARC0205_426x639 _ARC0223_426x639 _ARC0314_426x639 _ARC0437_426x639 _ARC0539_426x639 _ARC0618_426x639

A very graphic, and architecturally inspired collection. I really liked the shapes and prints created in these outfits, they felt truly original and creative. Feminine silhouettes were counterbalanced by masculine cuts. A very wearable collection, perfect for a RTW (ready to wear) show.

Key take-home message: Wear something creative, reminiscing of architectural glam.

Nina Ricci

_NIN0091_1_426x639 _NIN0237_1_426x639 _NIN0448_1_426x639 _NIN0548_1_426x639 _NIN0560_1_426x639 _NIN0718_1_426x639

A collection that strayed away from the classic Nina Ricci parisian romantic ambiance. It was Nina Ricci 2.0 if you will. It was modern in a vintage way (apologies for the antonyms, but it’s really the best way I can describe it!), fresh, somewhat sexy and very wearable and authentic.

Key take-home message: inject some modern and fresh outfits into your wardrobe

Vivienne Westwood

KIM_0095_426x639 KIM_0220_426x639 KIM_0324_426x639 KIM_0408_426x639 KIM_0554_426x639 KIM_0867_426x639

A fun collection with very deja-vu prints, reminiscent of old coutry house wallpapers. It had a lot of appeal to it, mainly for its edge, craziness, and floral patterns; perfect for spring. A Vivienne Westwood girl know exactly what she wants, and doesn’t waste time getting it.

Key take-home message: Add lively adornments to your outfits to make them fun and unique

Elie Saab

_SAA0004_426x639 _SAA0126_426x639_SAA0019_426x639 _SAA0031_426x639  _SAA0540_426x639 _SAA0657_426x639

A collection modeled by two of this season’s it girls, Kendall and Gigi of course. Silhouettes were clean, and classic; as were the signature florals. It was a summer affair filled with glamour and class.

Key take-home message: Keep wearing short dresses with gladiator sandals!


KIM_0046_426x639 KIM_0202_426x639 KIM_0218_426x639 KIM_0254_426x639 KIM_0405_426x639 KIM_0555_426x639 KIM_0593_426x639 KIM_0627_426x639 KIM_0675_426x639 (1)

A very sexy collection, made for women ready to take on the world. Silhouettes were form-fitting, and very flattering. The right amount of skin was shown, and the designs felt very modern, covetable, and wearable.

Key take-home message: Feel good about yourself; show some skin, wear your favourite heels, and grab yourself a thigh-skimming blazer.


8 thoughts on “PFW SS16: Fashion Report

  1. Hi mimi!
    Your blog is pretty awesome! I really like it! Its such a fashion inspiration. I love it!
    I’m sure attending all these shows must be a lot of fun!
    btw thanks for checking my blog out even though yours is way more cooler than mine!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello Mimi!

    Thank you for your comment on my blog! Really appreciate it!:)
    I had a look on your blog and I particularly loved your report about Paris Fashion Week! Well as a parisian I like to read about my beautiful city, of course! 😉
    The key take-home messages are really nice and I’m definitely gonna check out your next posts!

    Bonne continuation ! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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