PFW SS16: Fashion Report

4th October 2015


_KEN0051_426x639_1 _KEN0067_426x639_1 _KEN0105_426x639_1 _KEN0187_426x639_1 _KEN0275_426x639_1 _KEN0333_426x639_1 _KEN0443_426x639_1 _KEN0529_426x639_1 _KEN0601_426x639_1

The designer explained this collection was based on swimwear “because we like to be beach ready”. Indeed, the fabrics chosen were mostly silks, had patchwork and prints resembling beach-wear attires. Very wearable, very cool, and very trendy..I simply need one of those fitted coats!

Key take-home message: Have fun with patterns, prints and patchwork!

Emanuel Ungaro

_UNG0037_426x639_1 _UNG0053_426x639_1 _UNG0195_426x639_1 _UNG0275_426x639_1 _UNG0313_426x639_1 _UNG0327_426x639_1 _UNG0345_426x639_1 _UNG0413_426x639_1 _UNG0475_426x639_1 _UNG0625_426x639_1 _UNG0637_426x639_1 _UNG0673_426x639_1

One of my favourite collections this season. Love the over-the-knee boots with the floral prints, and the overall floral abundance illustrated in this collection. I equally admired the metallic hues and flattering silhouettes. A really strong collection overall, I would definitely wear it all.

Key take-home message: Think floral prints!

John Galliano

_ARC0062_426x639 _ARC0135_426x639 _ARC0245_426x639 _ARC0316_426x639 _ARC0397_426x639 _ARC0639_426x639

A collection made for the cool girl, with a strong personal style. Love the return of the polka dot, in a much subtle manner; as well as the blazer combinations (seen in other collections too). 

Key take-home message: Wear a hint of sheer polka dots, be in in a shirt or tights.


_MON0096_426x639_1 _MON0278_426x639_1 _MON0305_426x639_1 _MON0594_426x639_1 _MON0616_426x639_1 _MON1009_426x639_1

About this collection, the designer said: “I was thinking about clothes out of context, taking these pieces out of an urban life and putting your feet in the sand. I find that so charming and touching; moving clothes away from that environment, I get a lot of satisfaction imagining these clothes in nature.” I feel like this vision was completely delivered. The colour palette in tones of khaki, mocha, and monochrome was completely adjusted and adequate.

Key take-home message: Get inspired from nature in its entirety. Movement, colours, and textures.

Alexander McQueen

_ARC0091_426x639_1 _ARC0117_426x639_1 _ARC0195_426x639_1 _ARC0305_426x639_1 _ARC0389_426x639_1 _ARC0419_426x639_1 _ARC0591_426x639_1 _ARC0613_426x639_1 _ARC0771_426x639_1 _ARC0793_426x639_1 _ARC0815_426x639_1 _ARC0837_426x639_1

A very Alexander McQueen collection; intricately detailed, deeply romantic, and desirably exaggerated. This was a gentler collection, filled with feminine touches; from the corseted bodies to the Victorian silhouette. The seductively enticing dresses will surely be a red carpet favourite!

Key take-home message: Be exaggerated, be romantic, be exquisitely luxurious.


8 thoughts on “PFW SS16: Fashion Report

  1. Hi mimi!
    Your blog is pretty awesome! I really like it! Its such a fashion inspiration. I love it!
    I’m sure attending all these shows must be a lot of fun!
    btw thanks for checking my blog out even though yours is way more cooler than mine!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello Mimi!

    Thank you for your comment on my blog! Really appreciate it!:)
    I had a look on your blog and I particularly loved your report about Paris Fashion Week! Well as a parisian I like to read about my beautiful city, of course! 😉
    The key take-home messages are really nice and I’m definitely gonna check out your next posts!

    Bonne continuation ! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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