PFW SS16: Fashion Report

5th October 2015

Stella McCartney

KIM_0870_426x639_1 KIM_0930_426x639_1 KIM_1230_426x639_1 KIM_1270_426x639_1 KIM_1352_426x639_1 KIM_1508_426x639_1

Stella always does Stella, and this collection wasn’t an exception. It was sporty, environmentally friendly, and wearable. Very unique shapes and silhouettes walked down the runway, with complex appliqués and elements, such as the elliptical hemlines. Loyal customers won’t be disappointed.

Key take-home message: Mix and match as much as you want, just be yourself

Sonia Rykiel

KIM_1420_426x639 KIM_1467_426x639 KIM_1510_426x639 KIM_1553_426x639 KIM_1597_426x639 KIM_1733_426x639 KIM_1795_426x639 KIM_2019_426x639 KIM_2084_426x639

Bohemian glamour is the term I’d use to define this collection. Sequins, party dresses and camouflage were all part of this collection, which felt very much feminine, elated and sexy: three great qualities in a woman.

Key take-home message: Opt for a 30s inspired party dress next summer.


_HER0069_426x639_1 _HER0125_426x639_1 _HER0403_426x639_1 _HER0503_426x639_1 _HER0773_426x639_1 _HER0805_426x639_1

An expensive-looking collection with some new ideas (for the brand) introduced such as the luxe trainers. Despite this being a very well executed collection with impeccable tailoring, there is nothing that screams must-have; ie. there is no wow factor.

Key take-home message: Invest in an immaculately tailored coat.

Giambattista Valli

_VAL0029_426x639_1 _VAL0079_426x639_1 _VAL0157_426x639_1 _VAL0169_426x639_1 _VAL0329_426x639_1 _VAL0351_426x639_1 _VAL0553_426x639_1 _VAL0691_426x639_1 _VAL0839_426x639_1

Really loved this collection! Very feminine, very pretty, very babydollish; without being too much of these things. Great patterns and prints introduced to this collection, which is somewhat evocative of a boho 70s look.

Key take-home message: Go for the babydoll youthful look this summer

Saint Laurent

_A2X0052_426x639 _A2X0365_426x639_1 _A2X0377_426x639_1 _A2X0381_426x639_1 _A2X0500_426x639_1 _A2X0513_426x639_1 _A2X0691_426x639_1 _A2X1002_426x639_1 _A2X1022_426x639_1

Although there were some really great pieces in this collection such as the faded leather bomber, the floral embroidery and the oversized denim jackets, to me this collection is very akin of what we’ve seen in many other Saint Laurent collections, and there was something missing; perhaps a novelty concept.

Key take-home message: If you stick with what looks best, you can’t go wrong.


8 thoughts on “PFW SS16: Fashion Report

  1. Hi mimi!
    Your blog is pretty awesome! I really like it! Its such a fashion inspiration. I love it!
    I’m sure attending all these shows must be a lot of fun!
    btw thanks for checking my blog out even though yours is way more cooler than mine!

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  2. Hello Mimi!

    Thank you for your comment on my blog! Really appreciate it!:)
    I had a look on your blog and I particularly loved your report about Paris Fashion Week! Well as a parisian I like to read about my beautiful city, of course! 😉
    The key take-home messages are really nice and I’m definitely gonna check out your next posts!

    Bonne continuation ! 😉

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