MFW SS16: Fashion Report

Dear readers,

Quando penso a Milano…oops getting carried away here! 

Whenever I think about Milan (much better!), 5 things come to mind:

  1. The imposing and breathtaking architecture. The Duomo di Milano is just perfect
  2. The unattainable art… Does The Last Supper ring a bell?
  3. The gustatory heaven that is the food 😍. Yes I’m talking about pizza, pasta, gelato..and so much more!
  4. The language, of course…Molto romantica!
  5. And obviously…the Fashion. I mean, the Quadrilatero della Moda (Milan’s fashion distric) is simply divine! And what is more fashionable than Fashion Week?? (⇦ rhetorical question here!)

Suffice to say MFW is arguably my favourite fashion week, seeing as it incorporates a few of my favourite things: Love, Style, Elegance, and Creativity.

Without further a due, keep scrolling to find out which were my favourite collections from Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016

23rd September 2015

Stella Jean

_A2X0085_426x639_1 _A2X0109_426x639_1 _A2X0191_426x639_1 _A2X0271_426x639_1 _A2X0323_426x639_1 _A2X0381_426x639_1

A very craft-based collection filled with colourful designs and plenty of fun. These clothes have a nomadic feel to them, perfect for an eclectic dresser!

Key take-home message: Get inspiration from different worldly cultures this summer


_GUC0127_426x639_1 _GUC0247_426x639_1 _GUC0381_426x639_1 _GUC0411_426x639_1 _GUC0465_426x639_1 _GUC0481_426x639_1 _GUC0661_426x639_1 _GUC0717_426x639_1 _GUC0931_426x639_1

An expensive-looking, geek-chic, vintage collection. Classic Gucci references (such as the signature red and green) were seen, but there was so much more – a fashionista’s dream

Key take-home message: classy and sassy can, and should, go together

Francesco Scognamilio

KIM_0077_426x639 KIM_0159_426x639 KIM_0237_426x639 KIM_0367_426x639 KIM_0432_426x639 KIM_0456_426x639

A very personalised and vamped up collection, with varied patterns (night vs day colours) and legs showing.

Key take-home message: Organza can be your friend if you want to show some leg..but not too much

Philipp Plein

_PLE0196_426x639 _PLE0445_426x639 _PLE0560_426x639 _PLE0607_426x639 _PLE0826_426x639 _PLE0915_426x639 _PLE0945_426x639 _PLE0995_426x639 _PLE1103_426x639

A very trendy collection, perfect for the cool girl (such as Hailey Baldwin and Bella Hadid, who actually modelled this collection!), Metallic shades and original cuts were present in abundance!

Key take-home message: Think: 50 shades of Metallica


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