LFW SS16: Fashion Report

20th September 2015

Preen by Thornton Bregazzi

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A collection with a cool “punky” vibe, tempered down by neat ruffles and bows. A juxtaposition of femininity and masculinity in it’s best.

Key take-home message: An overtly feminine look can be counteracted by the insertion of masculine cues e.g. tailored overcoats and darker prints.

Hill & Friends

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A fun presentation with bell boys showcasing the handbags! A covetable, luxurious, and warm collection of bags

Key take-home message: Buy a high-quality, well crafted handbag to complete your polished look.

Sophia Webster

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Sophia Webster always has the funkiest and craziest collection. This season wasn’t any different, we were graced with a Mermaid Laundrette. As always, her accessories are cool, creative, and with slogans!

Key take-home message: If you’re wearing an all black outfit, wear a pair of shoes or a bag that is totally eye grabbing.


KIM_0011_426x639 KIM_0020_426x639 KIM_0060_426x639 KIM_0293_426x639 KIM_0402_426x639KIM_0472_426x639

This season, Issa’s collection portrayed great tailoring skills along with a clearer colour palette. It seems to have been inspired by geometric patterns found in nature – textural extravaganza was the end result.

Key take-home message: Mix prints, embellishments, and fabric origami into your summer wardrobe to create a luxe effect

Topshop Unique

_TOP0029_426x639_1 _TOP0045_426x639_1 _TOP0097_426x639_1 _TOP0127_426x639_1 _TOP0235_426x639_1 _TOP0395_426x639_1

This summer, a topshop girl can be seen wearing an 80s inspired look, with a playful feel to it. The styling for this season is very strong, showing how versatile a collection can be!

Key take-home message: Tie a skinny belt over a masculine coat, put some dark lipstick on, and you’re good to go

Temperley London

_UMB0639_426x639 _UMB0641_426x639 _UMB0646_426x639 _UMB0652_426x639 _UMB0656_426x639 _UMB0667_426x639 _UMB0674_426x639 _UMB0677_426x639 _UMB0678_426x639

A classic Temperley collection, perfect for carefree, globetrotter fans. Beautiful embroidery, appliques and motifs were shown walking down the runway.

Key take-home message: Want a fashionable travelling outfit? Stop looking, Temperley London is your store.


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