LFW SS16: Fashion Report

21st September 2015

Peter Jensen

002_426x639 005_426x639 (2) 009_426x639 010_426x639 016_426x639 019_426x639

A collection with a 60s and 80s mashup vintage vibe. Very creative and right up Jensen’s alley.

Key take-home message: Sometimes you have to dig out that vintage sweater you just love

Burberry Prorsum

_ARC0014_426x639_1 _ARC0116_426x639_1 _ARC0160_426x639_1 _ARC0216_426x639_1 _ARC0294_426x639_1 _ARC0460_426x639_1 _ARC0544_426x639_1 _ARC0570_426x639_1 _ARC0638_426x639_1 _ARC0682_426x639_1 _ARC0862_426x639_1_ARC0816_426x639_1

One of my favourite collections. There was a big emphasis on (impeccably tailored) coats – it must be Winter somewhere in the world right? A collection with a good balance between sporty, biker, and girly vibes.

Note for potential buyers: selected outerwear and bags from this collection can be purchased and personalised until October 5.

Key take-home message: If you can, invest in a Burberry’s coat. It will endure and always be stylish


_ARC0029_426x639 _ARC0103_426x639 _ARC0289_426x639 _ARC0375_426x639 _ARC0401_426x639_ARC0555_426x639

An eccentric, theatrical and whimsical collection! Great designs and looks were presented at the runway, perfect for the more exuberant clients.

Key take-home message: Think outside the box for an original outfit!


KIM_3548_426x639 KIM_3755_426x639 KIM_4001_426x639 KIM_4109_426x639 KIM_4191_426x639 KIM_4291_426x639

A comfort based collection, where all outfits were paired with white trainers. Nevertheless, less conventional touches were added to some outfits, for instance, organza skirts.

Key take-home message: It is OK to embrace the comfortable look, as long as you do it in style


_OSM0643_426x639 _OSM0277_426x639 _OSM0256_426x639 _OSM0087_426x639 _OSM0039_426x639 _OSM0699_426x639

This collection incuded wide brims, little ribbon neck-ties and beautiful finale dresses with bejewelled trees. A very particular collection with a lot of personality

Key take-home message: Be true to yourself in your style sense. Fashion is a global trend, but style is a personal matter.

Barbara Casasola

LOOK 006_426x639 LOOK 012_426x639 LOOK 016_426x639 LOOK 020_426x639 LOOK 021_426x639 LOOK 025_426x639

A cohesive collection where pleats and floor sweeping overcoats dominated. An unadorned collection with a limited palette which retained a relaxed and luxurious feel from start to finish.

Key take-home message: Minimalist does not mean boring. Create interest by wearing different silhouettes and colour hues.


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