LFW SS16: Fashion Report

Dear readers,

During fashion week don’t be surprised if you witness any of the following things:

  1. A set of really tall (and flawless) girls all wearing skinny jeans and a tank top. Those would be models!
  2. Impeccably dressed people looking like they’re in a movie or something, while you’re just there sat in a corner having your lunch, wearing the first thing you picked out of the closet this morning. They are all likely waiting to attend a fashion show!
  3. Packed hairdresser salons! After all, what’s the point of being all dressed up to the nine’s when you’re hair’s looking like you just got out of bed?
  4. Really..really attractive people. I mean, more than usual. Anyone who lives in London knows there is a mix of people from all over. But during fashion week, somehow, the ratio of good looking people is greatly increased!
  5. Your usual coffee shop near work has a bigger queue than the hair salon you just passed by! You see, during fashion week, everyone involved in a show needs to get up at ridiculous hours, so they end up needing a #CaffeineFix …quite regularly.

Anyway, my point is, during fashion week, London is B-U-S-Y.

However, the hectic environment is totally worth it because at the end of the day, beautiful collections by talented designers have been displayed – and let’s face it, it’s an excuse to wear those eccentric shoes you’ve been dying to showcase! After all, during fashion week, anything goes!

Excited yet?

Good! Keep scrolling to find out my favourite collections and designs from LFW Spring/Summer 2016!

18th September 2015


025_426x639 024_426x639 021_426x639 020_426x639 007_426x639 005_426x639

A collection with a bold colour palette and graphic patterns. Ideal for the edgy girl, who is ready for a night out in the town.

Key take-home message: Experiment with bold solid colours as well as patters come spring/summer season.


_DAK0066_426x639 _DAK0082_426x639 _DAK0096_426x639 _DAK0116_426x639 _DAK0248_426x639 _DAK0400_426x639

A collection with a standard sophistication but with interesting twists, for instance, neckline variations and shoulder cutaways

Key take-home message: Invest in a bomber jacket and a diaphanous dress – and don’t leave your class and sophistication at home!

Bora Aksu

001_426x639 006_426x639 011_426x639 012_426x639 013_426x639 014_426x639 017_426x639 019_426x639 031_426x639

A well put together collection with interesting patterns and colour blocking

Key take-home message: Mix everyday items (e.g. a jumper) with a more fashion forward item of clothing (e.g. patterned skirt), for a more unique look

Felder Felder


A collection with interesting texture combinations (e.g. sheer organza with a large flower print), which translate well onto day-to-day outfits

Key take-home message: Sometimes to stand out, you need to add a metallic vibe to your outfit!

Jean-Pierre Braganza

KIM_3722_426x639 KIM_3756_426x639 KIM_3772_426x639 KIM_3825_426x639 KIM_4074_426x639 KIM_4149_426x639

A collection with flattering shapes and cuts that can be adjusted to various body types and styles

Key take-home message: Pick a skirt/trouser length that flatters YOU

J.JS Lee

SS16-JJSLee-1261-DS_426x639 SS16-JJSLee-0989-DS_426x639 SS16-JJSLee-0887-DS_426x639 SS16-JJSLee-0440-DS_426x639 SS16-JJSLee-0141-DS_426x639 SS16-JJSLee-0109-DS_426x639

A somewhat minimalist collection, with seventies silhouettes, punctuating free-flowing dresses and low waist trousers

Key take-home message: Get into the habit of wearing flowy dresses for summer!

Mary Benson

Zac_Frackelton_20150826_Mary_Benson_SS16_01_01_Front_426x639 Zac_Frackelton_20150826_Mary_Benson_SS16_02_04_Front_426x639 Zac_Frackelton_20150826_Mary_Benson_SS16_03_05_Front_426x639 Zac_Frackelton_20150826_Mary_Benson_SS16_05_03_Front_426x639 Zac_Frackelton_20150826_Mary_Benson_SS16_08_04_Front_426x639 Zac_Frackelton_20150826_Mary_Benson_SS16_09_02_Front_426x639

A very theatrical and dramatic collection which will appeal to a certain type of clientele.

Key take-home message: Don’t take yourself to seriously. Sometime you need to break from the norm and wear a more unconventional piece of clothing


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