LFW SS16: Fashion Report

22nd September 2015

Anya Hindmarch

_ARC0025_426x639_1 _ARC0035_426x639_1 _ARC0047_426x639_1 _ARC0195_426x639_1 _ARC0217_426x639_1 _ARC0289_426x639_1

A creative show, with greater emphasis on the tessellation technique with a kaleidoscopic feel to it.

Key take-home message: Sometimes to wear something with that WOW novelty factor, you need to wear a look which might not appeal to the masses.

Christopher Raeburn

_ARC0048_426x639 _ARC0091_426x639 _ARC0277_426x639 _ARC0293_426x639 _ARC0410_426x639 _ARC0427_426x639

This show was well put together and well connected from one outfit to the other: there is flow to it.

Key take-home message: Different textures can add interest to an outfit

Emilio De La Morena

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A collection which highlighted dresses: from sweet-wrapper hues, to full swirling skirts.

Key take-home message: Dresses can cater to fun and frivolous event!

AND…This is it for #LondonFashionWeek!

Planning a trip to Selfridges or perhaps Covent Garden for an impromptu shopping spree? Well, make it quick…Milan Fashion Week is waiting for you!


Follow me to find out the latest trends straight from the runway in Milano! Until then, let me know in the comments section below which was your favourite collection from the London Runways!

Ciao!  💋

When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford – Samuel Johnson


Mimi ♡


4 thoughts on “LFW SS16: Fashion Report

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