LFW SS16: Fashion Report

19th September 2015

Asli Polat

Asli_Polat_SS16_001_426x639 Asli_Polat_SS16_004_426x639 Asli_Polat_SS16_008_426x639 Asli_Polat_SS16_016_426x639 Asli_Polat_SS16_018_426x639 Asli_Polat_SS16_019_426x639

A collection that is celebrating Spring in all its glory with the pale colours and airy clothing

Key take-home message: Soften up your colour pallete (If you’re too pale you’ll be washed away, try this when you’re tanned!)

Apu Jan

Apu_Jan_SS16_002_426x639 Apu_Jan_SS16_003_426x639 Apu_Jan_SS16_010_426x639 Apu_Jan_SS16_015_426x639 Apu_Jan_SS16_018_426x639 Apu_Jan_SS16_019_426x639 Apu_Jan_SS16_026_426x639 Apu_Jan_SS16_038_426x639 Apu_Jan_SS16_039_426x639

A collection made for the cool girl who is not afraid to try something different! This collection was well put together and well conceived

Key take-home message: All you need is confidence to pull something off

Mother of Pearl

KIM_4407_426x639 KIM_4464_426x639 KIM_4505_426x639 KIM_4603_426x639 KIM_4649_426x639 KIM_4664_426x639

A Victorian inspired collection, with a touch of 80s nostalgia. The ruffles, pie-crust collars and bows were countered by the boots and straw boaters.

Key take-home message: It’s OK to mix and match styles from 2 different era’s.

Julien Macdonald

_MCD0049_426x639 _MCD0067_426x639 _MCD0225_426x639 _MCD0602_426x639 _MCD0926_426x639 _MCD0967_426x639

This season’s collection portrayed a sort of space warrior girl. Despite all the drama, the skill put into the details and finishing’s are superb.

Key take-home message: Invest in a high-quality couture-level outfit.


_ARC0150_426x639 _ARC0168_426x639 _ARC0204_426x639 _ARC0344_426x639 _ARC0472_426x639 _ARC0594_426x639

All things vintage was seen in this collection: glitter, frills, vinyl bags and crochet black knits.

Key take-home message: Take inspiration from vintage starlets such as Jane Birkin or Brigitte Bardot

Holly Fulton

KIM_5047_426x639 KIM_5063_426x639 KIM_5100_426x639 KIM_5156_426x639 KIM_5173_426x639 KIM_5230_426x639

A collection with neat silhouettes, embelishments and high-quality embroidery. These pieces were both wearable and wantable!

Key take-home message: Try wearing some fun pieces this summer; be it and embellished denim jackets or beaded collars

Hunter Original

_ARC0012_426x639 _ARC0040_426x639 _ARC0083_426x639 _ARC0244_426x639 _ARC0361_426x639 _ARC0568_426x639

A true collection meant for summer festivals with oversized rivets and poncho hybrids! Hunter brought a touch of femininity to the mandatory festival wardrobe.

Key take-home message: Just trust Hunter when it comes to summer festival attires.


_ARC0010_426x639 _ARC0061_426x639 _ARC0131_426x639 _ARC0147_426x639 _ARC0194_426x639 _ARC0362_426x639

This collection is composed of elaborate cuttings, craftsmanship, and subtle femininty. Each look was perfectly completed with Nike Air sneakers an clean hair and make-up.

Key take-home message: Sometimes less is more. A clean look with a light androgynous feel can go a long way

Simone Rocha

_SIM0044_426x639_1 _SIM0068_426x639_1 _SIM0080_426x639_1 _SIM0196_426x639_1 _SIM0272_426x639_1 _SIM0372_426x639_1

A well conceived collection with cloud-like silhouettes. There was tulle, bows and jewels; making this a delicate collection.

Key take-home message: Wear outfits that complement each other – e.g. always consider what shoes an jewellery look good in a particular outfit.

Gareth Pugh

KIM_0027_426x639 KIM_0188_426x639 KIM_0281_426x639 KIM_0344_426x639 KIM_0425_426x639 KIM_0467_426x639 KIM_0544_426x639 KIM_0621_426x639 KIM_0635_426x639

I must say, I’m not a fan of clowns..but I am a fan of this collection. Much more wearable than his previous nightmare-infused collection. Lenghts were lean, tailoring was impeccable and sequins were appropriate.

Key take-home message: Latex gloves, stiletto heels, candy stripes, and sequin shorts can work in your favour!


_ARC0012_426x639 (1) _ARC0139_426x639 _ARC0181_426x639 _ARC0395_426x639 _ARC0472_426x639 (1) _ARC0533_426x639 _ARC0710_426x639 _ARC0984_426x639 _ARC1076_426x639

One of my favourite collections this season in London. Sexy, but not in an overtly glamorous or pretty way. This collection had a lot of power, confidence, and style to it. Every outfit that walked down the runway was covetable and wearable; from the ultra-mini skirts, to the asymmetric dresses and skirt-long blazers.

Key take-home message: Wear metal: from zips, to buttons to lion crests…metal.


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