Perfect Skin in 9 Simple Steps

Step 5: Toning Lotion

Applying a toner to the skin after cleansing it is a very important step, seeing as it will remove any remaining traces of impurities, and therefore further reduce the likelihood of those annoying random spots appearing. A toner also preps your face for subsequent moisturizing steps. There are two toners which I tend to interchange between: Dior’s Purifying Toning Lotionand Guerlain’s Super Aqua-LotionAlthough they are both toners, I apply them and they act in slightly different ways. I apply the former by soaking it on a cotton pad, and it really makes my skin feel toned, refreshed, and ready for moisturizers! The latter however, I apply with my hands directly onto my face, as it has an extra hydrating effect. It has a super delicate and silky texture, making my skin feel youthful, re-plumped, smooth, and radiant.

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27 thoughts on “Perfect Skin in 9 Simple Steps

  1. This is a great post. I definitely need to be giving my skin a bit more attention I am noticing the difference as I get older. I love Dior make up but have never tried their skin care, I think I may have to put a few items on my Christmas list! X

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  2. Hi GIACD! I love that you are informing ladies that its important for each step. My favorite step that I pay extra special attention is exfoliation. I find it does the most benefit to my skin. Do you not find Dior too perfumey?


  3. Aww, serum is all I need. My skin is HYPER sensitive (it even reacts to aloe vera, can you believe it), so I have a particularly hard time shopping beauty products that won’t kill it… and I never found a serum that works. I tried mostly Korean brands though, more than Western brands that may match my skin better. Anything to recommend to start?
    Also I never got the ‘courage’ to try an overnight mask, isn’t that unconfortable?

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    1. Clinique has a great range of products for sensitive skin, they dont even have a fragrance, to accommodate for that! You could also try a pharmacy brand like Lierac!
      This mask is very very light, it feels like a moisturiser so it doesn’t feel sticky or oily or unfconfortable at all!

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  4. Hey lovey i just have to say i absolutely LOVE your blog :):) this post convinced me i need to start taking better care of my skin, great post ❤

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