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Cote D’Azur – The French Riviera

The Cote D’Azur has been a fashionista destination since Brigitte Bardot put it on the map in the 1950s. Since then iconic guests such as Elizabeth Taylor and Sharon Stone have been seen there (so it’s like a celebrity summer camp?)

  1. CannesEverybody knows about the iconic annual Cannes Film Festival (follow the link for the best CFF fashion!). Combine that with a fantastic beach setting and what do you get? A bunch of celebs lounging on yachts…on the French Riviera. Everyone from Cara Delevigne, Suki Waterhouse, Lana Del Rey to Justin Bieber are seen there.
  2. Saint-Tropez

If Cannes is not quite your cup of tea, why not travel further down the coast to Saint-Tropez? Bey and Jay sure seem to be fans of the quaint little region, as well as the Hadid family and Sir Elton John of course (if it’s good enough for hollywood royalty it’s good for me!). Saint-Tropez is a perfect spot to park your luxurious yacht and relax with friends. Oh, and if you’re tired of relaxing by the sun and sipping on champagne (sounds like an oxymoron right?), Nikki Beach is only a few steps away from the main harbour.

Cote D’Azur overview: A great time to showoff a new yacht (because we all have one of those siting around..) as well a great beach tan.

Don’t forget to pack: Sunscreen & Beach dresses (for sea front brunch of course)

Kendall, Gigi and Bella Hadid in the French Riviera
Cote D’Azur
Beyoncé and Jay-Z in Saint Tropez
Brigitte Bardot in the French Riviera