PFW S/S 2016 Couture Fashion Report

27th January 2016

Elie Saab

A collection which was inspired by an explorer spirit, and featured plenty of couture holiday looks. Everything was classically beautiful, fitting for a Middle Eastern Princess. Every piece was exceptionally devised to create an eye-catching collection

Key take-home message: Lace, crochet, lilac, and mauve are four words you should take into consideration when completing your Spring/Summer wardrobe.


Jean Paul Gaultier


A collection which honoured the Queen of Punk, Edwige Belmost, who died of liver failure last year. Gaultier’s beautiful collection which was all about bold attitude, was in memory of his friend, “the most beautiful platinum angel I ever met”. Naturally, every look resonated Edwige: from the oversized mannish jackets, to the sequined man’s tie and velvet smoking jackets.

Key take-home message:  It’s all about having attitude, wearing red lips and embracing the punk in you.



Why do I love Valentino? Because it never fails to deliver my high expectations. A beautifully crafted collection which captured magical concepts in spectacularly divine gowns, which I didn’t think was possible. Every moment of this 66-piece collection was engineered with total precision and luxurious opulency, and I loved it.

Key take-home message: Don’t be afraid to play with patchwork and tapestry gowns…so long as you do it in a Valentino manner.

Guo Pei

Remember Rihanna’s yellow Met Gala dress? (follow the link if you don’t) well, it was designed by Guo Pei. Her collection this season was ultra couture, ultra feminine, and ultra refined. Every garment was lavish, sumptuous and grandiose.

Key take-home message: Details are paramount if you’re dressing to impress. Invest in embroided garment as well as ‘wow’ pieces.


Alas, we’ve come to the end of couture PFW, but don’t you worry, couture NYFW is just around the corner and I’m sure it’s packed with wonderful collections which I’m ready to explore and share with you!

Until then, please do let me know on the comments section below which ones were your favourite collections !

See you in New York ✈️✈️

Haute couture consists of secrets whispered from generation to generation – Yves Saint Laurent


Mimi ♡



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  1. I needed a blog like this to read about fashion updates. I really love love the layout. Added you to my friends list, as well as instagram. xo Johanna

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