PFW S/S 2016 Couture Fashion Report

25th January 2016


In 1954 Elsa Schiaparelli said: “Eating is not merely a material pleasure. Eating well gives a spectacular joy of life and contributes immensely to goodwill and happy companionship. It is of great important to the morale.” It seems that this was the inspiration behind this collection which seems to focus on food, cutlery, and all things food related.

Key take-home message: You can make any concept look fun and adventurous by exploring modern shapes and colours.

Christian Dior


This was the first couture collection since Raf Simons’ departure, and I must say I was very impressed by it. The collection was modern, assertive, cool and romantic in equal parts. Everything was a stand out: from the shoes, to the embroideries, to the hemlines and fun patters.

Key take-home message: Don’t forget to add a touch of modernity, movement, and an element of surprise to your outfits to assert yourself in a new way, a Dior way.

Fun Fact: good luck charms were seen throughout the show…as it turns out Mr. Dior was a superstitious designer who avidly believed in good luck charms and his lucky star


Giambattista Valli


A collection with an exquisite amount of detail injected into it. Flowers were an obvious inspiration for Valli, as he honoured them beautifully in embroideries, sequins, and shapes. Still one of my favourite designers.

Key take-home message: Anything around you can serve as inspiration for creative greatness. The simple movement, colour and texture of a flower can be rendered into a beautifully executed outfit.


5 thoughts on “PFW S/S 2016 Couture Fashion Report

  1. I needed a blog like this to read about fashion updates. I really love love the layout. Added you to my friends list, as well as instagram. xo Johanna

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