Mimi’s 10 Travel Essentials

Dear readers,

During 2 weeks I travelled to 3 different cities, and if anything, I learnt the importance of packing smart.

Like most of you I used to pack heavy to avoid the ultimate fear of “I have nothing to wear!” or ” I can’t believe I forgot my toothpaste!”…but of course, I still managed to forget essentials and pack useless things I never even touched.

I had to learn smart packing the hard way (i.e. trial and error) but you don’t.

Click on the next page and keep reading to find out my Top 10 Travel Essentials… what’s important and what’s not.


7 thoughts on “Mimi’s 10 Travel Essentials

  1. Hi! I am new here, trying to figure out how this here works, just wanted to say like your advices a lot. 😉 I am definately goig to try them.

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