Chapter 2: But Who Really is Mimi?

Dear readers,

Surely by now there is an overpowering consensus that in order to write, one must be inspired. Just like some birds, our brains are not meant to be caged; our ideas are too bright, our creative outlets too immense and proliferative. Unlike those birds, however, we don’t always realise we need to open the cage and let our imagination fly out, in order to prevent creative emptiness and desolation by imprisonment and logic. I would know. I was there once. Take it from me, it is a great misfortune to lose touch of the stuff that dreams are made of because you are too busy dealing with the reality of life. Many times you will find yourself chasing the ghost of a good thing, reviving memories of things that happened two days, two weeks, or two years ago. When you get to this point, the only appropriate response to reality is to open that cage, fly out, and leave the past behind, experiencing nothing but the present moment….because you see, the funny thing about memories is that they have the great capacity of warming you up from the inside, but they can also, in the blink of an eye, tear you apart.

I guess what I’m really trying to say is Carpe Diem. Seize the day. Find the right balance between reality and abstraction and grasp it tightly between your fingers, never to lose it! At least that’s what I did when I started blogging.

 I have always been very much in touch with the right hemisphere of my brain – the part responsible for your rhythm, imagination, daydreaming, and creativity as a whole. One day, however, I found a great void in my soul. One which could no longer be fully consoled and filled by my previous distractions. None of those other things made a difference; although I still needed them, it was as if my brain and my soul craved something different, something more. It was then, almost one year ago, that I decided to explore and fortify the connection between my brain, my hands and my love for the world of fashion

On my first post ever I told you that as you kept reading you would find out more about me, Mimi. Almost one year later, I am certain that you have stacked enough pieces of the puzzle to decipher at least some of my personality traits and behavioural aspects.

If not, after having invited you into certain windows in my brain in this post, I trust you will go back and catch up on posts you’ve missed and I welcome you to keep reading, and following my adventures through fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and so much more!

At last, I must add that despite many moments being lost in time like shadows in the dark, one thing is sure…since I started blogging I have depended on the kindness of strangers, and frankly my dear readers, you have been kind, encouraging and so endearing, that I thank you and urge you to believe that you are your best thing 🌟

As always, I leave you with a quote…

When today fails to offer the justification of hope, tomorrow becomes the only grail worth of pursuing. – Arthur Miller, Death of a Salesman


Mimi ♡


11 thoughts on “Chapter 2: But Who Really is Mimi?

  1. Okay first of all, you’re a talented writer and 2 your blog is really nice. Also thanks for your comment. Your blog makes me wonder why you would even think mine is good. Either way thank you. I hope I get to collaborate with you one day and also that you post more about mimi.

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