6 Trends For A Stylish NYE Look

Dear readers,

I can’t believe I am actually sat down with my laptop in front of me…it feels like a lie (perhaps I should get someone to pinch me?) 

Forgive me if this sounds rather cryptic, it’s just that this year I have experienced Christmas (and the weeks leading up to it) in it’s full scope: Hectic. Time Consuming. Exhausting –  in equal parts. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas and everything (well, almost everything) associated with it, and if you ask me if it was worth it…absolutely yes. The only downside is that I had no time to write blog posts.

In any case, I’m here now. Just in time for one last post before the notoriously glamorous New Year’s Eve.

Oh, I almost forgot. Quick side note before I continue. Whilst I haven’t been writing, I have been expanding my social media ARMY. #TGIACD is now on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Without wanting to be THAT person, all I ask is that if you enjoying reading my posts, or even if you just want to make a girl happy on New Year’s 👸 please please pleeeease follow me on these social media platforms! 💋💋


Anyway, enough of that. Let’s get back to what really matters.. after all, we’ve still got time for one last post before NYE, so let’s make it a good and useful one!

Today I’m going to help fulfill a univeral desire: Look Good and Stylish on New Year’s Eve. 🎉 🎇

👉👉 Keep reading to find out the 6 Trends you can apply for an unforgettable, and stylish NYE outfit.


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