Those of you who have been following and reading my posts will already know that I will pretty much drink green tea at any occasion (current favourite: Green Tea – Lemon Macaroon 😍😍💘💘…literally feels like you’re eating a macaroon minus the calories!)

Green tea has a calming effect on my body, it warms me up, and more importantly, contains flavonoids which are known best for their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Moreover, drinking green tea helps revitalise and expel harmful toxins from the body, in addition to aiding and activating our body’s hepatic function, in order to allow our body to react positively to the exterior toning and purifying actions.

Thus, a spa day is not complete without a side of green tea! 🍵🍵


20 thoughts on “StayCation

  1. Warm towels sound like heaven on these rainy and cold San Francisco days and nights. I only wish I was capable of giving myself a pedicure. I always make such a terrible mess of things. Best I leave it to the pros, which is a luxury of its own.

    Thanks for following along on my blog in 2015! Best of luck in 2016, and have a fabulous new year!

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  2. That vanilla scent got all my attention (😍) . It seems like a perfect stay-at-home vacation. I think I would enjoy that too. Thanks for the idea.

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  3. Ok this was magnificent! I can’t wait to travel the world, I’ve never been over seas. I have pampering days every other weekend lol one’s upkeep is very important and that’s one thing I always make time for.

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