We all know that smell is one of the 5 sense organs in our body, making scent and olfaction a really important part of this experience.

I love combining different scented candles to create the perfect harmonization of aromas! When doing this however, it’s important to realise that certain scents can clash with each other, and that is a risk you do NOT want to take! An off-putting and overpowering smell will completely alter the vibe and environment of the room, potentially ruining your staycation (#TheFearIsReal!)

Choosing scents can be overwhelming, but for me, there are some classic scent combinations you can never go wrong with:

  • Honey Musk, Rose Flower Nectar, and Lavender for a soft and lightly perfumed environment
  • Pink Hibiscus, rosewood, and freesia for a delicate and flowery ambiance
  • Vanilla, warm amber, and snow-covered pines for a white winter, warm room
  • Gingerbread, nutmeg, cinnamon and brown sugar for a Christmas inspired scent
  • White musk, black plum blossoms and vanilla, to create a blissfully pure and enticing environment
  • Cedar-wood, Fresh Roses, and white flowers, for a clean and refreshing scent, with a touch of mystery
  • White Gardenias, bright citrus, and sweet florals for a feminine and delicate room

If you’re wondering  where you can find these scents all together in a candle, Yankee Candles and Zara Home have great scent combinations!


20 thoughts on “StayCation

  1. Warm towels sound like heaven on these rainy and cold San Francisco days and nights. I only wish I was capable of giving myself a pedicure. I always make such a terrible mess of things. Best I leave it to the pros, which is a luxury of its own.

    Thanks for following along on my blog in 2015! Best of luck in 2016, and have a fabulous new year!

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  2. That vanilla scent got all my attention (😍) . It seems like a perfect stay-at-home vacation. I think I would enjoy that too. Thanks for the idea.

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  3. Ok this was magnificent! I can’t wait to travel the world, I’ve never been over seas. I have pampering days every other weekend lol one’s upkeep is very important and that’s one thing I always make time for.

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