1. MUSIC 

Music is, and always has been a big driving force and prominent aspect of my life; so naturally, a great playlist will put me in the best mood for a spa day!

Contrary to what you might expect, I’m not really into those generic “chill and relaxation” songs. Instead, I’d much rather put on a Jazz Bossa Nova or a John Mayer playlist. Those who know me best, will verify my admiration and fondness of John Mayer (😍😍😍) so for me, the perfect John Mayer playlist will get me in that relaxed, ready-to-meditate zone, which I find essential in a #StayCation!


20 thoughts on “StayCation

  1. Warm towels sound like heaven on these rainy and cold San Francisco days and nights. I only wish I was capable of giving myself a pedicure. I always make such a terrible mess of things. Best I leave it to the pros, which is a luxury of its own.

    Thanks for following along on my blog in 2015! Best of luck in 2016, and have a fabulous new year!

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  2. That vanilla scent got all my attention (😍) . It seems like a perfect stay-at-home vacation. I think I would enjoy that too. Thanks for the idea.

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  3. Ok this was magnificent! I can’t wait to travel the world, I’ve never been over seas. I have pampering days every other weekend lol one’s upkeep is very important and that’s one thing I always make time for.

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