NYFW SS16: Fashion Report

16th September 2015

Michael Kors Collection

_KOR0089_426x639 _KOR0387_426x639 _KOR0359_426x639 _KOR0193_426x639 _KOR0181_426x639 _KOR0545_426x639

Not the typical beachy collection we usually see from MK, but still a breezy, care-free collection. Visually interesting with flowy prints and patterns.

Key take-home message: It’s summer, it’s ok to wear flowy clothes.

Naeem Khan

_A2X0012_426x639 _A2X0687_426x639 _A2X0664_426x639 _A2X0540_426x639 _A2X0527_426x639 _A2X0461_426x639 _A2X0380_426x639 _A2X0326_426x639 _A2X0117_426x639

After seeing this collection I felt like I was in an Middle Eastern Summer paradise. Very luxurious, and elegant collection. Really good choice of patterns and designs. Especially love the contrast between the garments and accessories.

Key take-home message: Explore different shapes, and patterns, and immerse yourself in different cultures.


_ARC0041_426x639 _ARC0231_426x639 _ARC0719_426x639 _ARC0571_426x639 (1) _ARC0307_426x639 _ARC0063_426x639

For the first time, Donna Karan is no longer in charge of the brand. However, the new designers have not let her down. This is a classic DKNY collection, with boxy masculine blazers paired with short shorts.

Key take-home message: Invest in an irregular-sized blazer.

Proenza Schouler

_MON0601_426x639 _MON0491_426x639 _MON0293_426x639 _MON0229_426x639 _MON0075_426x639 _MON0003_426x639

People always expect Proenza Schouler to present a creatively magical collection, and this year wasn’t an exception. Very original designs with unreprehensible tailoring.

Key take-home message: Think outside the box to make an outfit go from normal to outstanding.


11 thoughts on “NYFW SS16: Fashion Report

  1. Hi Mimi! I see you take the time to go through every show! Which, by the way, means we can already be friends!!
    I like how you wrote litte conclusions as footnotes. Spot on about the tie dye but I’m going to have to pass on the same level platforms!
    With love,

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