NYFW SS16: Fashion Report

15th September 2015

Oscar de la Renta

_OSC0053_426x639_2 (1) _OSC0149_426x639_2 _OSC0221_426x639_2 _OSC0557_426x639_2 _OSC0603_426x639_2 _OSC1003_426x639_2 _OSC1107_426x639_2 _OSC1133_426x639_2 _OSC1175_426x639_2

An unashamedly evening-wear collection with vibrant crimson black lace and flamenco vibes. A beautiful collection, filled with immaculate finishes and details. A very extravagant collection, aimed for the classiest of women.

Key take-home message: Don’t forget your jewels (or your class) at home! A good pair of crystal earrings can go a long way!

Sophie Theallet

_ARC0026_426x639 _ARC0222_426x639 _ARC0281_426x639 _ARC0289_426x639 _ARC0397_426x639 _ARC0779_426x639

An interesting collection, featuring fun prints and somewhat earthy colours. Very feminine and flattering designs.

Key take-home message: If you’re fashion forward, try going to an event with a same print outfit..and include a cape in your look.

Dennis Basso

_BAS0045_426x639 _BAS0601_426x639 _BAS0591_426x639 _BAS0379_426x639 _BAS0366_426x639 _BAS0149_426x639

Feminine, lady-like, and expensive are the words that come to mind. Wearing fur in the summer? In a cold northern European summer perhaps?

Key take-home message: Accentuate you best features by putting on a belt or a lower neck-line.

Badgley Mischka

_AN_1154_426x639 _AN_1191_426x639 _AN_1189_426x639 _AN_1173_426x639 _AN_1167_426x639 _AN_1162_426x639

An ambitious collection filled with evening/party-wear ideas. A soft colour palette with interesting texture combinations

Key take-home message: Be classy.

Vera Wang

_A2X1625_426x639 _A2X1291_426x639 _A2X1233_426x639 _A2X0906_426x639 _A2X0798_426x639 _A2X0777_426x639 _A2X0752_426x639 _A2X0680_426x639 _A2X0601_426x639

Apparently Wang was inspired by Kylie Jenner in this collection, and I can totally see it. The crop tops, and short shorts are right up her alley. An extremely cool, and structured collection, with copious visual effects.

Key take-home message: For a night-out, trying finding the balance between showing skin without being too revealing.


11 thoughts on “NYFW SS16: Fashion Report

  1. Hi Mimi! I see you take the time to go through every show! Which, by the way, means we can already be friends!!
    I like how you wrote litte conclusions as footnotes. Spot on about the tie dye but I’m going to have to pass on the same level platforms!
    With love,

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