NYFW SS16: Fashion Report

14th September 2015

Zac Posen

_A2X0129_426x639 _A2X0259_426x639 _A2X0285_426x639 _A2X0385_426x639 _A2X0757_426x639 _A2X0803_426x639

A classic glam, and luxurious collection. Love the occasional use of sunglasses; really gives the collection a summer chic vibe.

Key take-home message: Invest in an immaculate tailored outfit.

Rag & Bone

_RAG0029_426x639 _RAG0097_426x639 _RAG0155_426x639 _RAG0257_426x639 _RAG0297_426x639 _RAG0525_426x639

Clearly a collection aimed at the cool girl (no wonder Hailey Baldwin and Camille Row were front rowers tonight). A good mix of tailored and unstructured outfits.

Key take-home message: for a masculine/feminine juxtaposition try wearing a mannish blazer with a tight skirt.


_AG28775_426x639 _AG28849_426x639 _AG28905_426x639 _AG28948_426x639 _AG29096_426x639 _AG29175_426x639

A fun, playful, yet edgy collection. A Libertine buyer will most definitely be attracted to the colour boom and visual effects these clothes give.

Key take-home message: Feel free wear black and add splashes of colour on your accessory choices.

Jeremy Scott

_JER0081_426x639 _JER0151_426x639 _JER0165_426x639 _JER0227_426x639 _JER0431_426x639 _JER0543_426x639 _JER0621_426x639 _JER0675_426x639 _JER0705_426x639

A very 70s retro collection from Jeremy Scott; a designer with a long list of celebrity friends including Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus – I’m sure this is right up their alley. A playful, yet well constructed collection with a wide array of prints.

Key take-home message: Invest in colour, short dresses, and funky shoes this Summer season. Vintage stores can be your friend if you’re looking for a specific 70s outfit or accessory.

Tommy Hilfiger

_A2X0057_426x639 _A2X0235_426x639 _A2X0251_426x639 _A2X0285_426x639 (1) _A2X0383_426x639 _A2X0531_426x639 _A2X0639_426x639 _A2X0741_426x639 _A2X0803_426x639 (1)

A designer that always puts on a show. This season wasn’t an exception. TH rebuilt Mustique, the private Caribbean Island he goes on holiday to every summer. A very reggae style collection filed with bold, care-free patterns.

Key take-home message: Think sunsets and palm trees this Summer. Invest in a couple of crochet tops and open-flare trousers.

Carolina Herrera

_HER0042_426x639 _HER0145_426x639 _HER0153_426x639 _HER0191_426x639 _HER0207_426x639 _HER0266_426x639 _HER0318_426x639 _HER0328_426x639 _HER0384_426x639 _HER0405_426x639 _HER0414_426x639 _HER0425_426x639

A collection of 50 shades of pink: from the palest pink, all the way to candy floss, bubblegum pink. At 76 years old, the designer still creates one of my favourite collections! A very flowy collection with some sporty touches too!

Key take-home message: Wear pink! Include silk organza, sequins, and mesh in your summer shopping list!


11 thoughts on “NYFW SS16: Fashion Report

  1. Hi Mimi! I see you take the time to go through every show! Which, by the way, means we can already be friends!!
    I like how you wrote litte conclusions as footnotes. Spot on about the tie dye but I’m going to have to pass on the same level platforms!
    With love,

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