NYFW SS16: Fashion Report

13th September 2015

Victoria Bechkam

_VIC0023_426x639 _VIC0146_426x639 _VIC0180_426x639 _VIC0196_426x639 _VIC0282_426x639 _VIC0295_426x639

This was VB’s most free-spirited collection, which had more emphasis on an attitude rather than a silhouette. The print used reminds me of a Californian surf-scene, with a smart-sporty vibe. A well edited and polished collection.

Key take-home message: For a smart-casual carefree look, opt for fun and uplifting prints, with some class to them


_THA0027_426x639 _THA0053_426x639 _THA0131_426x639 _THA0353_426x639 _THA0393_426x639 _THA0497_426x639

Lounge-wear, casual, orientated collection with lovely floral patterns and boxy white jackets.

Key take-home message: For an urban, casual look, which is somewhat representative of a NYC summer, try wearing a long “robe-like” coat with a wispy floral dress underneath.

Diane von Furstenberg

DVF_SS16_Look01_426x639 DVF_SS16_Look02_426x639 DVF_SS16_Look05_426x639 DVF_SS16_Look06_426x639 DVF_SS16_Look37_426x639DVF_SS16_Look08_426x639 DVF_SS16_Look14_426x639 DVF_SS16_Look17_426x639 DVF_SS16_Look25_426x639

Furstenberg said the collection was about “celebrating truth, nature and freedom” and I think that’s exactly what she does.

Key take-home message: Paint the town red, fuchsia, and orange in Grecian style dresses.

Jonathan Simkhai

_JON0095_426x639 _JON0155_426x639 _JON0192_426x639 _JON0210_426x639 _JON0279_426x639 _JON0303_426x639

This collection displays very interesting shapes creating unique and flattering body movements. A conservative colour palette countered by edgy shapes.

Key take-home message: If you don’t like to be adventurous with colour, trying do it with shapes and cut-outs


_MON0025_426x639 _MON0214_426x639 _MON0439_426x639 _MON0503_426x639 _MON0577_426x639 _MON0659_426x639

A collection filled with fun patterns and finishes. The use of fringe in these outfits are very creative and don’t steal the attention from the woman wearing the clothes.

Key take-home message: Keep wearing fringe next season, and again, like I’ve mentioned multiple times before, keep wearing flattering patterns.


11 thoughts on “NYFW SS16: Fashion Report

  1. Hi Mimi! I see you take the time to go through every show! Which, by the way, means we can already be friends!!
    I like how you wrote litte conclusions as footnotes. Spot on about the tie dye but I’m going to have to pass on the same level platforms!
    With love,

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