8 Hair Trends for Summer 2015

Dear readers,

Do you ever wake up in the morning, take a quick look in the mirror and think  what is up with my look these days – I have to do something about this“. The truth is, you can change your top, your heels or your lipstick colour, and granted, you might look slightly different. But there is one thing you can change that will completely alter your look; and that is.. your HAIR. A different haircut, or hair colour can rejuvenate and modernize your look and consequently improve your appearance and self-confidence. As an added bonus, a great haircut (coupled with a stellar wardrobe and killer smile) can  help you date that cute guy or land that dream job you’ve been wanting for years.

Right now you might be thinking “Mimi, you are exaggerating, there is no way a haircut can do all this!”. And perhaps I am a little, however, when you take a step back and look at how many people’s careers have been centered around one haircut, or how much extra publicity celebs get when they change up their hair…. you might just agree with me!

Let’s take a look at a few examples shall we?

Take “The Rachel” hairstyle for example. Anybody who watched the series Friends (or was alive in the 90s), knows the name Rachel Green is synonymous with a very specific hairstyle: “The Rachel.” The Rachel was debuted early on in the show and almost over night became an international phenomenon – everybody wanted The Rachel. It was so popular that it remains one of the most popular hairstyles in history, and behind a great hair is a great (and popular) woman. Josh Robertson of Complex said “With the haircut, the TV fame, and a true gift for comedy … combined, Aniston became a big star,” replacing Courteney Cox. So you see, with a simple hairstyle, a cultural trend can be created and careers can be catapulted into stardom.

Another great example is Princess Diana’s hairstyle. Princess Di will forever be remembered as one of the most iconic women in history, not only for her noteworthy accomplishments, but also for her effortless chic hairstyle. No one can deny Lady Diana’s influence on women’s hair. Her look was a much-copied hairstyle in hair salons across the world, so much that in the early 80s, “Shy Di’s” hairstyle was voted the most iconic of the last fifty years(!!!!).

Make no mistake, these are just two examples of how revolutionary and iconic hairstyles can be, but the list goes on and on. From Farah Fawcett, to Twiggy, to Miley Cyrus; all these women have a gorgeous haircut associated to them…and their careers.

For this summer, the main trends were inspired from what celebs were doing, and Fashion Month.

Quick hint: (if you missed the 4 different fashion weeks, and want a recap of what went on, click on the links below which will take you back to my fashion report on each fashion week: London, New York, Milan, Paris).

I know you must be dying to find out what summer hair you should be rocking, so without further a due, this is the moment you’ve been waiting for! Scroll down to find out the haircuts you should be sporting this summer; straight from the coolest celebs, and hottest runways.

1. Bob

00010h_426x639 00330h_426x639 00400h_426x639  gallery-1431547658-hbz-15-summer-haircuts-for-2015-05 hbz-15-summer-haircuts-for-2015-02-472202296_1 hbz-15-summer-haircuts-for-2015-06-472519906_1 naomi-watts-beauty-cannes-vogue-15may15-getty-b_426x639 Sienna-Miller-Cannes-hair-Vogue-13May15-PA_b_426x639 Taylor-Swift2_glamour_30mar15_getty_b_426x639

2. Lob

54bc048be7f2b_-_hbz-bob-lob-karlie-kloss-xl 54bc0490d3a83_-_hbz-bob-lob-marion-cotillard 54bc04867fe26_-_hbz-bob-lob-g-paltrow 54bc04888a39e_-_hbz-bob-lob-january-jones Diane-Kruger-beauty-Vogue-5May15-Getty_b_426x639 hbz-celeb-bobs-02 hbz-celeb-bobs-03 hbz-celeb-bobs-05 Rachel-Weisz-beauty-Vogue-5May15-Getty_b_426x639

3. Fringe

_MIC9083_426x639 00110h_426x639 00150h_426x639 00260h_426x639 Adriana-Lima-beauty-Vogue-5May15-Getty_b_426x639 burberry1_AW12_gl_11jun12_GR_426x639 CDiaz_GL_16jan09_pa_b_592x888 hbz-15-summer-haircuts-for-2015-00-472195360 versace_AW12_gl_11jun12_GR_426x639

4. Braids

00030h_426x639 00680h_426x639 elisaab_gl_5jul12_pa_bt_426x639 Giamba_15SB023_12jun15_b_426x639 Giorgio-Armani_15SB037_12jun15_b_426x639 Jourdan-Dunn-beauty-Vogue-5May15-Rex_b_426x639 Michael-Kors_15SB085_12jun15_b_426x639 pucci2_AW12_gl_11jun12_GR_426x639 Sienna-Miller-hair-26May15-Getty_b_426x639

5. Centre Parting

00060h_426x639 00130h_426x639 00190h_426x639 00290h_426x639 00290h_426x639s Behati-Prinsloo-beauty-Vogue-5May15-Getty_b_426x639 hbz-15-summer-haircuts-for-2015-09-468230012_1 Kendall-jenner-beauty-Vogue-5May15-Getty_b_426x639 Reese-Witherspoon-Vogue-5May15-Rex_b_426x639

6. Accessories

00280h_426x639 00410h_426x639 kate-hudson-beauty-vogue-5may15-rex_b_426x639 00840h_426x639 01360h_426x639 Keira-Knightley-back-vogue-26jan15-rex_b_426x639 Keira-Knightley-Vogue-30Mar15-Getty_b_426x639 Nicole-Kidman-Vogue-15Jan15-Rex_b_426x63900490h_426x639

7. Waves

00080h_426x639 00440h_426x639 Chrissy-Teigen_glamour_8feb15_getty_b_426x639 gucci_AW12_gl_11jun12_GR_426x639 hbz-15-summer-haircuts-for-2015-07-468831496_1 hbz-15-summer-haircuts-for-2015-08_1 hbz-15-summer-haircuts-for-2015-12-472406454_1 Karlie-Kloss-beauty-Vogue-5May15-Getty_b_426x639 suki-waterhouse04_glamour_14ma15_rex_b_426x639

8. Hair Pulled back

0100h_426x639 00190h_426x639 (1) 00280h_426x639 Alicia-Vikander-beauty-Vogue-26May15-Rex_b_426x639 Emily-Blunt-beauty-Vogue-5May15-Getty_b_426x639 Kim-Kardashian-beauty-Vogue-5May15-Rex_b_426x639 Marion-Cotillard-beauty-3-Vogue-26May15-Getty_b_426x639 Poppy-Delevingne-beauty-Vogue-5May15-Rex_b_426x639 Sienna-Miller-beauty-Vogue-5May15-Getty_b_426x639

Major hair envy? Me too!

If you’re still unsure as to what hairstyle would suit you best, I have good news! You can always mix and match these different trends! For instance, if you’re super protective over your hair and are scared of cutting it short, why don’t you change the parting to centre, and add some beachy waves? Alternatively braid your hair and add an accessory to it.

Love a classic bob but never had your hair that short? Go for the lob instead! If you don’t like it, it will always grow faster! If you love it and decide to take the plunge and go shorter, then go for the full on bob! You can always play up your look by adding a summery accessory or slicking your hair back!

Personally, I’m gonna go for the lob with centre parting and waves. What about you?

Let me know on the comment’s section below what your favourite trend is and what hairstyle you’d want to adopt this summer!

I hope this post inspired you to change up your look! As always, I leave you with a quote…

Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you. – Princess Diana


Mimi ♡


23 thoughts on “8 Hair Trends for Summer 2015

  1. Love these options! I am guilty of having the Rachel when I was younger… and the Rihanna asymmetrical bob (which was THE WORST to grow out). I have never felt more myself than when I chopped all my hair off two years ago again. NO looking back:)

    xx Cara

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  2. love your blog! what an extensive research! except when i am shooting for a blogpost I am sticking to central parting and hair pull back (I am a gym bunny!). Thank you for liking my post 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. im thinking of getting a fringe again this summer but a bit hesitant still as its quite an upkeep due to my cowlick bit… ahh maybe this has persuaded me to bite the bullet and do it haha

    Liked by 1 person

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