Top 10 Summer Must Haves by Mimi

Dear readers,

It’s that time of the year again where the deadlines come crashing in and before you know it, the answer to the question: ‘What summer essentials should I buy this year’ becomes lower in the priority list. But the truth is, Summer season is coming, and it’s coming fast; soon enough it’ll be time to put on a bathing suit and flaunt your beach body, or attend that sunset party everyone is talking about…but what will you wear? Who has the time to browse the fashion world to find out what are the ultimate summer trends for this year? Well, luckily for you, I did the all research and know exactly what the top 10 summer must haves are (you’re welcome!). Keep reading to find out what 10 items are a must in your closet this Summer.

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1. Suede



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This season, suede is in…big time. You can’t walk into a shop without finding a suede item! Above are some examples of suede clothing and accessories in store right now. My favourite would have to be the suede vest (photo 4) and purse (photo 6). When you do wear suede this summer, make sure to pair it with something that is not too heavy – as you could end up looking to wintery!

2. Fringe

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You may have already noticed that this year fringe is everywhere! In this post I focused mainly on handbags, only because it’s a stunning accessory which won’t overpower your look, but still grab people’s attention. For instance: try wearing an all black outfit with the yellow purse (photo 4), or a super casual jean&t-shirt look paired with the a brown fringe bucket bag (photos 1 and 3). The advantage of fringe is that you can use it to dress is up (photo 8) or down (photo 5). In summary, a fringe item is a definite must this summer!

3. Espadrilles

PADGHAM_81_RG_324  5776869589

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espadrilles-offduty-covetme espadrilles-miumiu-offduty-designer-covetme

espadrilles-valentino-offduty-designer-covetme espadrilles-dolceandgabbana-stefanogabbana-offduty-designer-covetme

shoes-offduty-covetme slipons-offduty-women-covetme

img-thing foto_2

Espadrilles have been our summer best friends for many seasons due to their easy-going appeal and breathable nature; and this year it’s no different! Espadrilles of every design are a summer staple this year. You can literally find espadrilles suitable to your style; be it espadrille trainers ( photo 12), sandals (photos 1,3,7), the classic slip ons ( photos 4,5,8,9,10,11) or height providers (photos 2,6). One of the best things about espadrilles is their flexibility of usage: you can wear them to the beach, shopping, or to a pool party event!

4. Gladiator Sandals

1684001020_1_1_1 43055668_99_B

strappysandals-charlotteolympia-covetme shoes-miumiu-designer-covetme

HEB435_in_xl  667521_main

This season, gladiator sandals have re-emerged! The key thing is to know how to wear them, so that they don’t end up wearing you. These sandals are already a bold statement (especially the knee-high ones) so it’s important to pair them with simple-cut items e.g. white lace dress, simple dress, or denim dungarees click for an example! A great advantage about these is that they can be easily translated from day to evening wear!

5. White

7385106250_2_4_1 6189351250_6_1_1

2415676250_2_3_1 6895048251_1_1_1

10X16HWHT_2_large 4760921-2

4755612-2 4639433-2

If like me, you always end up wearing white during the summer, this year you are allowed to (not that it’s forbidden other years, au contraire!) Above are some all white outfit examples but it’s important to note that you can pair white with any other colour! For instance, with black or beige for a classier night look, or with denim and shades for a casual day look! This is probably one of the easier to follow trends as you are likely to already have white in your closet. Quick tip: invest in detailed pieces that really catch the eye to enhance your look. 

6. Shades

3147001808_1_1_1 3147004330_2_1_1

accessories-sunny-covetme  9561003400_2_4_1

accessories-miumiu-sunny-designer-covetme 779-10017-8053672336801_LIGHTHAVANA_M

604-10128-PL70C1SUN_BLACK_M 604-10128-JSWINGSC1SUN_BLACK_M

779-10017-0725125938433_1021R1PINK_M   779-10017-8053672358612_71073BROWN_M

779-10017-8053672351293_LIGHTHAVANA_M 779-10017-RB417557TRTMATGRYMIR_MATTEHAVANA_M

You might be thinking – why is this a trend? Surely you wear sunglasses every year? – well, this is very true but usually you choose sunglasses based on your outfit. This year however, try picking out an outfit based on a specific pair of sunglasses, and really make them the centre of your outfit! If you are feeling more adventurous and edgier, don’t be afraid to experiment with different lens colours (photos 1,2, 12), or frames (photos 2,7,8,11). 

7. Snake Skin

stellamccartneysandals-stellamccartney-women-designer-covetme sneakers-miumiu-offduty-designer-covetme

backpack-christianlouboutin-designer-covetme accessories-viviennewestwood-designer-covetme

E504P_SP701_55_4XGMF  1105001001_1_1_1

Snake-skin is a good print to experiment with this summer. However, it is important to only use it subtly e.g. on your gladiator sandals, slip-ons, or handbags. DO NOT, I repeat, do not wear a whole snake-skin outfit! You will risk looking tacky, unstylish, and unsummery! This summer, try using less obvious snake prints (e.g. photos 3, 6) as well as the classic snake-skin pattern! A great advantage, is that you can combine this trend with the the others mentioned e.g. snake-skin purse with fringe, or gladiator sandals!

8. Birkenstock-like slip ons

shoes-covetme 75913-c20471-sixtyseven-sandalia-lurex-plata-p-blanco-01_4

75913-c20470-sixtyseven-sandalia-lurex-oro-p-negro-02 76770-c16905-sixtyseven-sandalia-vachetta-fucsia-p-negro-02

75645-c16232-sixtyseven-sandalia-felt-gris-outsole-negro-02  foto_2-2

Original Birkenstocks (photo 1) have been around for many years, and although I must admit, I am not their greatest fan, I’m totally into this chunky new sandal (photo 2,3,4,5). They are perfect for a lazy summer day, as they will give you extra height, making your legs look longer and slimmer, and they are also super comfortable (yes, I’ve bought a pair myself, could’t resist!). Why not pair them with dungarees (see below) and a simple white detailed top? Or even with skinny high waist jeans/shorts and a fringed crop top?

9. Swimsuits

110.Fig_.V1.recorte-369x553 108.Fig_.V1.costas-130x200


40.Vanilla.V2.recorte-369x553  38.Vanilla.V2.costas-130x200




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V447269   V433543 V433468 V441190_CROP3 V350201_EDIT_HY606 V432437_CROP3

Bathing suits are a must every summer, but for this post I’ve selected the funnest and cutest one/two pieces to use this season! Don’t be afraid to mix patterns, as long as you feel comfortable in your own skin, you can pretty much pull off anything! Besides investing in a couple of funky pattered bathing suits, don’t forget to have a classic black one too (even if with a twist – photo 16). An important thing to take into consideration when buying swimsuits is the fit and cut that flatters you the most! So whenever you’re trying on those swimsuits always think about what you want to show and hide! Quick tip: buy beach accessories (necklaces, hats, bracelets) that will go with more than one of your bathing suits! 

10. Dungarees

overall-ninaricci-designer-covetme pants-babies-covetme

4406056250_1_1_14406056250_2_3_1  43067502_TM-43025503_56-43035555_CU-43035560_PL

4473084400_2_1_14473084400_2_4_1 150-3004027-JUMPKALIFORNIA_PURPLE_M

This year dungarees aren’t only kid appropriate, they are very much a trend and one of the easiest ones to wear. Besides the classic long-trouser ones (photo 2, 3), invest in the shorts (photos 5,6,) and skirt (photo 4) versions. These are perfect for a laid-back easy going look. You can pair your dungarees with pretty much any colour, and any sleeve (even a bikini underneath if you’re going to the pool!). 


In this post, I’ve shown you my top 10 summer essentials for this year. I’ve only selected a few examples, from every price range, but there are infinite variables of these trends in every store! The great thing about these trends is that you can mix and match them as much as you want! For instance combine the suede and fringe trend in the form of a bag, or a top. Alternatively, why not opt for a gladiator sandal with some fringe detail, or white dungarees?

Another cool thing about these trends is that they go with each other. You can make a killer outfit by wearing a fringe bag, dungarees, a white top,sunglasses, and espadrilles. Just here, you are using 5 of the trends! Alternatively, why not wear a suede dress, with gladiator sandals and a snakeskin watch?

In conclusion, whenever you decide to buy your summer outfits, keep in mind these 10 essentials, and don’t forget to buy items that go together and maximise the number of outfits you can make from 1 item!

Let me know which trend is your favourite in the comments section below! For now, I leave you with this:

“I like my money right where I can see it…hanging in my closet.” —Carrie Bradshaw (from Sex and the City)



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14 thoughts on “Top 10 Summer Must Haves by Mimi

  1. oh my gosh brilliant post yet again Mimi!!!! I bought dungarees from Zara recently but everytime i try them on i am unsure if i can work them as im approaching the scary age of 30 this year and i fear i look like a child in them LOL!!!! I would love to be able to pull them off!!!! Also ALL of the swimwear suggestions are fab!!!! My favourite has to be the the colourful 2 piece with the high waisted bottoms 🙂 THANK YOU for the inspiration ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Perhaps wear your dungarees when you’re a bit more tanned in the summer? But don’t worry about looking like a child, that is all nonsense!! Super stylish and it’s the time to wear them! Zara does have some awesome dungarees!! Glad you loved the swimsuits!! Your favourite one is from Victorias Secret! Thank you for the kindest words!! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes i could definitely do with a little ‘glow’ 🙂 I never wear fake tan but when on holiday I do tan very well luckily!!!! So i guess this is a great excuse to book a holiday?! 😉 Oh Victorias Secret i wish we had that in Ireland!!!! I have to restrain myself from going online shopping as in the past anything ive bought hasn’t looked or fitted right!!!! Gosh sorry for taking over all your posts 😉 Tomorrow i am hoping to attend a H&Ms fashion event so there will be another blog post tomorrow 😉 Take care my fellow fashionta x

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