The Girl In A Cocktail Dress takes on social media

Dear readers, It’s official. The Girl In A Cocktail Dress is now on Facebook and Bloglovin! First of all, I’d like to personally thank all my followers, and those of you who reached out asking me to create a Facebook page! As we all know, Social Media has had a huge impact on the society we live in nowadays. It has had a worldwide effect on socialisation, business, and even politics; and although it is important to know how to live outside the “social media bubble”, and not let it rule your entire existence, it is equally as important to understand the opportunity at hand and use this platform in your favour. Another great advantage as far as I’m concerned is that I get to experience and share something I love with other people who share these same interests! Follow my page on Facebook to receive notifications of my latest blog posts, and the latest fashion trends too! This is also an easy way for you to share your favourite posts from The Girl In A Cocktail Dress with your friends and family who are not on WordPress! As I’m sure you all know, following me on Facebook is super easy: You can either like The Girl In A Cocktail Dress by following this link: OR by liking my page straight from the sidebar in the blog (found by clicking on the top right corner of my page).  If you are on Bloglovin let me know (on the comments section below) and I’ll follow back everyone who follows me – I love finding new bloggers through Bloglovin!!

On a slightly different note, I’d like to thank SASS-A-FR-ASS for nominating me for the Creative Blogger Award wpid-screenshot_2015-04-06-14-22-27 I thought I’d make use of this social media post to nominate the first 15 people to like my Facebook Page! All you have to do is like my page on Facebook, and then comment on this post letting me know and I’ll add you to the list of nominees! You can then post the award on your blog and nominate 5-15 people yourself!


1. funkyfashion007

2. maisondemaitre

3. eclecticfeel

4. Recovering Anorexic Fashion Addict

5. norealjewelry

For all you fashionistas out there, I have great news! There is a new website where you can receive free vouchers (from 20 to 100 pounds!) from shops such as ASOS, Zara, and Net-a-Porter just by sharing your favourite items! This is no hoax, a friend of mine has already won 50£ in Zara! Send me your email (on the comments section or on a personal message) and I’ll send you the link!

Thank you for all your kind words and support, as always I leave you with a quote, and hopefully see you on Facebook and Bloglovin too! “The more you engage and connect, the more engagement and connections you will have.” – Loren Weisman Love,  Mimi 


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