Extra Extra, Read All About it: Spring/Summer Makeup Trend Alert!

The rainbow comes and goes,

And lovely is the rose;

The moon doth with delight

Look round her when the heavens are bare;

Waters on a starry night

Are beautiful and fair;

The sunshine is a glorious birth;

But yet I know, where’er I go,

That there hath past away a glory from the earth.

 Ode on Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood by William Wordsworth 1770-1850

April is the cruellest month, breeding

Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing

Memory and desire, stirring

Dull roots with Spring rain. 

The Waste Land by T.S Eliot 1888–1965

I know a bank where the wild thyme blows,

Where oxlips and the nodding violet grows,

Quite over-canopied with luscious woodbine,

With sweet musk-roses and with eglantine.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare

Dear readers,

For centuries, poets and writers such as Wordsworth, Eliot, and Shakespeare have been using the four seasons of the year and all their glory as an inspiration for their writing. The arrival of spring time represents one of the most beautiful ceremonies of the year: the re-birth of nature; where flowers dance, the wind sings, and the Earth flourishes from morning ’till dawn. This season personifies the perennial thriving of nature’s most precious gift, and leads us right into the warmest  and brightest season of the year; Summer – where days seem to be filled with endless romantic mist. As a celebration of these seasons, I decided to share with you the most a la mode make-up trends for this Spring/Summer 2015 season, straight from the runway, so that you can always look on point wherever you go! So stay tuned my fashionable Easter bunnies, to discover my favourite makeup trends for this season!

1. Red Velvet
00030h_426x639 00090h_426x639 00110h_426x639 00130h_426x639 00200h_426x639 00200h_426x639nj 00280h_426x639 00320h_426x639 00480h_426x639
Attention red lip lovers, this is for you! Red lips are back, big time. Several runways at the spring/summer shows featured our old friend, the red lipstick, at every shade and intensity. For instance at D&G (photos 4 and 5) Pat McGrath made berry lips the focus. She completed the look with perfect, luminous skin, and a sheer eye shadow accompanied by the classic cat-shaped eyeliner. If you prefer rocking a bolder shade of red, why not borrow inspiration from the Missoni models (photo 1) and take a bright red hue and blur it slightly at the edges; or hire tips from the Burberry Prorsum show and dust your lips (after applying lipstick) with translucent powder to mattify and soften edges (photos 2 and 7). Finally, for those of you who want to try on red lipstick but are afraid of not pulling it off, or it being too bright… why not copy the Topshop Unique look by applying a blurred, burgundy stain to you lips – as if you’ve had in on for hours and it is now starting to fade (photos 7 and 9).
2. Pretty in Pink
00040h_426x639 (1) 00110h_426x639 00160h_426x639 00180h_426x639 00320h_426x639 00330h_426x639 00340h_426x639 00690h_426x639 800160h_426x639
As the heading suggests, pink is a great colour to make you look (and feel) pretty and romantic; which is perfect for sunny occasions! At Stella McCartney, models had a barely-there pink eyeshadow, which was complemented by groomed eyebrows (photo 7). A similar look (which coincidentally I’m using today!) was seen in the Versace show, where models had a pretty pink-toned shimmering shade in their eyes and cheekbones, which was offset by bold brows (photo 4). If however, pink is not your favourite colour, why not opt for a plum or mauve tone seen at both Vera Wang (photo 8) and Derek Lam (photos 2 and 9). Complement this with a small amount of mascara (purple/black/brown) and you’re good to go! Moreover, if you want to look pretty with a twist, why not inspire yourself in the Dior show and place a stripe of pastel pink satin along your eyelids, followed by white liner to the bottom waterline (photo 5), or step it up a notch by combining your pink lips and eyes with false lashes wore only at the centre of the lids like seen in Altuzarra (photo 6).
3. Metallica Gaze
 00060h_426x639 00050h_426x639 00120h_426x639 00170h_426x639  00210h_426x639 00300h_426x639 00300h_426x639989 00320h_426x639 (1) Chanel-backstage-3-Vogue-1Oct14-Rex_b_426x639

Another trend seen on the runway is bold and graphic eye make-up – preferably, metallic. Bombshell-inspired, Brigitte Bardot beauty was seen at Diane von Furstenberg, with Pat McGrath giving models sexy smoky eyes complemented by a nude lip (photo 2). At Tom ford (photo 8) a metallic smoky eye was combined with perfect skin and nude lips, making the eyes the main attraction. For nighttime, why not copy this look, which was also seen at Chanel (photo 9), and even mix it up by using different shades (brown, grey, etc), and finish the look with heavy mascara. For daytime, you could copy Giorgio Armani’s look (photo 3) using a white base to create a matte appearance to the skin, complemented by sandy coloured lips and full brows. Alternatively you could opt for a bronze metallic eye shadow instead!P.S. Don’t forget to try out metallic shaded nails too!

4.Contoured Goddess
00020h_426x639 00030h_426x639 00050h_426x639 00060h_426x639 00130h_426x639 00130h_426x63999 00190h_426x639 00200h_426x639 00250h_426x639

This year it’s all about contoured skin. For a bit more information look take a look at my previous post where I link you to a contoured picture of Kim K, showing you exactly where to contour. This season, contoured faces were completed with a subtle gloss to models’ lids and cheekbones at Chloé to give the appearance of laid-back radiance (photo 9). At Lanvin (photo 7), models had dewy-skin completed with brown shadow and subtly filled brows to finish the look. To enhance your natural (and contoured) beauty, do like Lucia Peroni for Christopher Kane (photo 4) and apply highlighter to your cheekbones to add an ethereal radiance.

6. Neutral Tones
00010h_426x639 00020h_426x639 00030h_426x639 00040h_426x639 00090h_426x639 00110h_426x639 00140h_426x639 00150h_426x639 00210h_426x639 00220h_426x639 00270h_426x639 00290h_426x639
Like I said in my previous post, SKIN. IS. IN. So don’t forget to take good care of your skin, using a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer (and some form of SPF protector if you’re going out on a sunny day) daily. Another important skin care tip is to never go to bed with makeup on (as tired or lazy as you may be!), seeing as your pores will enlarge, your skin will dry out and become red if you do. It only takes 5 minutes and has long lasting effects – trust me, your skin will thank you the next morning. In fact, at Marc Jacobs it was all about skin care (photo 10). Models wore no make-up down the runway, flaunting only their perfect skin. In other shows, minimal makeup was applied, only concealer where needed. For a radiant, and healthy looking skin, look at Giambattista Valli models, who had gloss added to the lips and a sheen across cheekbones and lids (photo 11). For a simple, pretty and natural look, models at Valentino (photo 7) had their eyes defined in neutral tones and skin kept natural
7. Glowing Sun Kissed Beauty
00070h_426x639 00080h_426x639 (1) 00080h_426x639 00090h_426x639 00160h_426x639 (1) 00180h_426x639 00250h_426x639 00250h_426x639ujk 00270h_426x639 00280h_426x639 00300h_426x639 (1) 00350h_426x639

Good news: this summer (and every summer as far as I’m concerned!) looking tanned is better! At Balmain, (photos 3 and 10) models looked gorgeous with a sun-kissed skin appearance created with plenty of terracotta bronzer. The same kind of look was seen at Ralph Lauren, complementing the safari-style designs (photo 5). At Isabel Marant (photo 12), makeup artist Lisa Butler used blush to create a healthy, glowing look, applying it over the lids and cheeks for a subtle summer colour. Similarly, at Rodarte, a healthy glow was created with warm blush and softly bronzed eyes (photo 9). At Gucci, bronzed models were created by enhancing the skin with a radiant yet natural-looking glow, and applying eye shadow in chocolate, taupe and gold tones to add definition (photo 7).

8. Killer Eyebrows

00010h_426x639 (1) 00020h_426x639 (1) 00030h_426x639 (1) 00080h_426x639 00130h_426x639 00180h_426x639 00310h_426x639 00380h_426x63900060h_426x639

The eyebrow trend is still going strong, so before you over-pluck your eyebrows take a look at the strong eyebrow game seen in the runway. If you’re going for that clean look, groom your eyebrows like seen in Hugo Boss (photos 3 and 9) and Versus Versace models (photo 1). If, however, you are ready to step it up a notch, why not go for the ‘slept-in mascara look’ seen in Anthony Vaccarello models (photo 7) achieved by adding black glitter under the eyes; and completing the look with lipgloss to the lids and lips. If you are feeling creative, you could also inspire yourself in Rodarte models’ look (photo 5) and glutting piercings on your eyebrows; or in Prada, by adding a strong brown line above each brow, creating a strong and bold look with a slightly “off” feel (photo 4).

To conclude this segment, I’ll summarise different looks and ways these major trends could be applied:

– For a beachy, summer look, you could apply bronzer to your skin, and complement this with strong, groomed eyebrows and a very subtle pink lipstick shade (and a killer smile, of course!).

– If you are ready for a crazy night out in town why not complete your look with nude lips and metallic eyeshadow

– When you are feeling the utmost confidence and sensuality, don’t forget that red lipstick, combined with dewy and perfect skin!

I hope you found these trend alerts useful, and let me know in the comments section which look you are eager to try out and which trend is your favourite! As always, I say goodbye to you with a quote:

“Crying is for plain women. Pretty Women go shopping” – Oscar Wilde



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16 thoughts on “Extra Extra, Read All About it: Spring/Summer Makeup Trend Alert!

  1. I like this post, especially how you started with the poems and quotes by writers; very creative. In my opinion, I think the red lips are quite easy to pull off for any skin color just depends on the shade. Nude colors work too for everyone. The metallic gaze and contoured goddess’s post seem to be my favorites. Can’t wait to see your next post! ☺

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love your blog! 🙂 It’s so well written and beautiful, I followed within 2 seconds! You have great tips and it’s just absolutely amazing. I look forward to getting my sun-kissed skin and pretty in pink makeup for the springtime. Keep it up! xx -Lyss

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I like your blog! Do you have specific beauty tips for asians, too? That would be interesting for me. 😉


  4. In response to your April 11th 2015 at 1.13pm……………..

    I was in Indonesia on business some years ago and at that time in my 40’s – it was during all the riots in the early part of this millennium – quite bad actually. As all the foreigners headed “for the hills I flew in and moved into the Jakarta Meridien Hotel. It was wonderful, I was the only guest in a 500 bedroom hotel and it was under siege.

    Anyway, there was this gorgeous young thing who looked after me tremendously down in their basement music bar; a most respectable hostess; and I mean respectable. So I thought I ought to reciprocate. I invited her out to lunch to the Hyatt Regency, the one bang opposite their Parliament building. We got there alright but around midday, and as we were having lunch, there was another bloody riot bang outside the hotel.

    I had intended taking her shopping and as we tried to walk out of the main entrance, and extremely unusually, the doorman shut the door and told me I couldn’t go outside, and at the same time saying to me, “you can’t go out there Sir, they don’t like Australians at the moment.”

    “Young man,” I decried, “I AM AN ENGLISHMAN.”

    To which this deprecating 18 year old replied, “yes, but they’re hardly likely to ask for your passport when they knock seven bells of crap out of you – are they.”

    There are times in life, my dear young Lady, when one has to accept that the cart has to precede the horse and on this occasion I had to back down and accept the young chap’s logic.

    “I was going to take this young lady out shopping,” I said in my defence, “so what do you suggest one should do?”

    “No problem,” he said, “we have a department store attached to the hotel.”

    Anyway, to cut a long story short, it turned out he was telling the truth. We hit the Estee Lauder counter and then a rather chic dress shop. I bought her two cocktail dresses, one formal (long) and a shorty – well she was only 22 or so.

    Afterwards and when we were finally allowed to leave the hotel, we were driven back to the Meridien, by a circuitous back route, and on arrival she gleefully said to me, “no man has ever bought me a cocktail dress, no man has ever bought me any dress of any size, shape, colour or form in my life.”

    She then kissed me on the cheek and stepped out of the car and returned to her world of skivvying and do you know something, I never touched her and I think that was the best orgasm I’ve ever had!

    Cheers ~ ‘ter


  5. Oh indeed, I agree wholeheartedly with the Cocktail Dresses – I always tail after them especially the short ones – I find I can be in and out before she’s even noticed!

    Thank you for your like on my 0061 dah-ding

    Cheers ~ ‘ter

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    1. ………and let’s face it, A girl can hardly have too many Cocktail dresses and in much the same way she can hardly have too many males tailing after her and their ……………. well you know, the other word.

      Thank you dah-ding – Cheers ~ ‘ter

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  6. Love this post. I prefer either a bold red, or darker lip or the natural look most days. Love the skin care tips too. Im super lazy but getting into a good skin care routine.


      1. Im always go to the body shop, simply because i never get a horrible reaction with them. Tea tree is used daily for my red blemishs…….i just tend to forget to use it. Xx


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