MFW 2015 Summary Report: Favourite Shows

Dear readers,

The capital of chic, Milan (of course), is known for many wonderful attractions, such as Leonardo Da Vinci’s last supper and the Duomo. But it is also where one of the four fashion weeks takes place; making it a capital of fashion. However, it is important to highlight that Milan is not the only magical city in Italy… other cities such as Florence, Venice, and Rome have equally as beautiful monuments and sceneries to offer. If, like me, you have watched all of Audrey Hepburn’s movies religiously, you will remember the film Roman Holiday which was filmed around Rome, and instantly made all of us fall in love with Italia! As this is Milan fashion week we are celebrating, I thought it would only be fair to introduce this post by featuring the Italian beauty and fashion icon, Sophia Loren. This movie star, which starred in various famous movies such as Arabesque and El Cid was (and is!) considered a sex icon and goddess – which is only natural, considering she exudes exotic and confident elegance! Women all over the world have copied her style: from her characteristic cat-eye make-up to her bold hair styles and fashion choices. Impressively, even at her current age of 80, she is still as beautiful as ever, and women still look up at her fashion choices; making her the ideal candidate to introduce MFW. With this in mind, scroll down to have a look at my favourite collections, and looks from this Fashion Week. Ciao!

25th February

1. Gucci

00010h_1280x1920 00150h_1280x1920 00230h_1280x1920 00250h_1280x1920 00320h_1280x1920 00400h_1280x1920

I really fell in love with Gucci’s collection this year, and it proved to be a particularly difficult task to select only 6 looks (so I suggest you go and see the rest of the amazing collection!!). Everything about this collection was soft, youthful, and cool. The designs were filled with beautiful and intricate embroidery (for instance the dress in the 3rd picture – which btw I’m totally infatuated by!). There was a lot of floral prints on chiffon tiered and pleated dresses, bows fixed by a brooch at the neck (fashion tip: this is super easy to replicate at home!), neck scarves, and loose tousled hair. This seasons designs were ALL about the details – the loafers, bags, floral prints, headbands, and the amazing embroidery (click on an image to take a closer look at the intricacy involved in the embroideries!). It is refreshing to see that this season, they are going back to the original idea of Gucci luxury (which we all love..). In addition, I really like the cool naivety of the designs – they remind us of quintessential aristocratic British charm. Overall, a collection that was really well put together and with equal parts of chic-eccentricity and luxury-vintage!

2. Luisa Beccaria

00040h_1280x1920 00460h_1280x1920 00450h_1280x1920  00130h_1280x1920 00110h_1280x192000290h_1280x1920

The beret is back!! – is what Luisa Beccaria is trying to tell us after her collection. I really liked this collection, all garments seemed to be flawlessly made! The collection exudes a very aristocratic and luxurious vibe, but keeps itself modern by the additions of furs and deep V necks. What I really like is that every woman appears to be so confident (which is a wonderful trait to see in women!). They almost seem like they have just committed a crime, or that they are in charge of an entire mafia family! Overall, a really good collection in my view!

26th February

1. Fendi

00010h_1280x1920-2 00200h_1280x1920 00250h_1280x1920-2 00400h_1280x1920-2 00430h_1280x1920 00510h_1280x1920

Another great collection by Fendi (in the hands of Karl Lagerfeld), filled with impeccably cut long coats: made of fur, patchwork panels, in tan, chocolate and black. Interestingly, there was a lot of quilted puff jackets, of various lengths, a design which extended to strapless cocktail-style dresses (maybe it’s time The Girl In A Cocktail Dress adopt this style?). If, like me, you love putting a great coat over any clothes (to avoid the matinal stress of deciding what to wear!) then this collection offers a wide array of amazing options – it’s like stepping into one duvet to another (much classier and sophisticated) duvet i.e. perfection. All jokes aside, despite the practicality, this collection was extremely sophisticated and designed with impeccable taste.

2. MaxMara

00010h_1280x1920-3 00190h_1280x1920 00210h_1280x1920 00270h_1280x1920 00340h_1280x1920 00400h_1280x1920-3

This season, MaxMara presented their collection with a film backdrop of waves washing in to shore, recreating photos taken of the iconic Marilyn Monroe in 1962 – perhaps that is the theme they were going with seeing as the models’ hair also remind us of Marilyn. The words that come to mind primarily are: cosy, comforting, sensual outerwear. Classic camel tones, sand, mint, and chilly blue overpowered the show. If you look closely, all models are wearing loafers (which are obviously amazing) and stroll down the runway with extreme delicacy and softness. Needless to say..the coats are all impeccably cut (and I want one!)

3. Moschino

00090h_1280x1920 00150h_1280x1920-2 00180h_1280x1920 00190h_1280x1920-2 00390h_1280x1920 00640h_1280x1920

This season, Moschino has continued its cartoon-toy fashion takeover including plenty of Warner Bros’ Bugs Bunny, Tweetie, Daffy Duck etc. Although not shown here, there were also some quilted puffer jackets (which seem to be a favourite this season – refer back to Fendi’s collection for a refresher!). Admittedly, the combinations were very eccentric, adventurous, and thus not for everyone’s taste. However, individually, the pieces are super cool and innovative. In fact, fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni, has been seen wearing the dress with the teddy bears printed on, and she looked adorable! This collection was a hyper homage to Moschino of the 80s, with the injection of cocktail frocks, prom dresses, and pink and blue explosions of fabric. It is worth going to see the whole collection, as there are many many more amazing clothes! Oh, and if you’re wondering where you can buy the dress Chiara wore, Selfridges is selling it, and many more runway pieces!

27th February

1. Blumarine

00030h_592x888 00040h_1280x1920 00100h_1280x1920 00150h_1280x1920 00190h_1280x1920 00210h_1280x1920

When I saw this collection for the first time, the first words that came to mind were midnight romance – but then I realised there was more to it than just that. Blumarine presents a wide array of options from daywear to nighttime and in my opinion does it well and is loyal to its clients requests. Overall a really nicely crafted collection with an intricate colour palette.

2. Tod’s

00020h_1280x1920 00060h_1280x1920 00100h_1280x1920-2 00200h_1280x1920 00230h_1280x1920 00280h_1280x1920

This collection by Alessandra Facchinetti screams contemporary and cosmopolitan woman! There were modern leather pieces, and very avantgarde patterns which at the same time remained class and were executed with great craftsmanship. I especially like her biker leather jackets (top second image!) and the style of the trousers. Importantly, these designs look expensive and wearable day-to-day; and this in essence is what Tod’s is all about.

3. Versace

00050h_592x888 00090h_1280x1920 00160h_592x888 00310h_592x888 00390h_1280x1920 00510h_1280x1920

The main thing I noticed about this collection is the intricate details involved in each look – from the glasses to the shoes (for instance the sole of the red boots above. Amazing, I know; you’re welcome.) This was a playful, and seductive Versace collection, in screaming colours of red, yellow, blue and green, underlined in black, and logo’d to the hilt – with Versace printed or embossed into poppy sweatshirts. Two things are certain: a lot of imagination was involved in designing these clothes, AND..wherever she is going, this girl is most definitely NOT staying at home!

28th February

1. Roberto Cavalli

00010h_1280x1920 00280h_1280x1920 00290h_592x888 00320h_592x888 00440h_1280x1920 00480h_1280x1920

This season, Roberto Cavalli presented a mix of styles (and I loved all of them!): animal prints, knitted dresses, tousled dresses, and goddess gowns. Other highlights included a brief military moment, with fur-hooded khaki parkas, cargo mini skirts and cold conical buttons. This collection is ideal for women who like wearing eye-catching clothes, filled with classe and style. Overall, a really young and cool collection.

2. Emilio Pucci

00030h_1280x1920 00140h_1280x1920 00200h_1280x1920 00210h_1280x1920 00270h_592x888 00400h_1280x1920 00440h_1280x1920-2 00460h_1280x1920 00600h_1280x1920

Before you say anything, I know I’ve shown you 9 (instead of 6) looks for Pucci’s collection, but there were so many different inspirations that I wanted to show you, that it became impossible to only post 6 looks! There is an unapologetic sense of glamour that I love in this collection! It was all about astrology and the powers the signs behold, that triggered the Zodiac Collection (you can actually see different astrological signs embroidered into some garments). I must say, this was probably one of my favourite collections as it just showcases the designers (Peter Dundas, which coincidentally showcases his final show as creative director or Emilio Pucci) creativity and technical skill!

3. Ermmanno Scervino

00010h_1280x1920-2 00100h_1280x1920 00210h_1280x1920-2 00250h_1280x1920 00280h_1280x1920-2 00370h_1280x1920

I really liked Scervino’s collection this season; he portrayed women as being confident, sexy, stylish and powerful beings – i.e. the perfect femme fatalle. Again, the puffy jackets are seen, as well as the sexy suits. This collection reminds me of old hollywood glamour meets new cosmopolitan woman – which is a great style to adopt, if you ask me! Overall, a super successful and sophisticated collection!

1st March

1. Dolce&Gabbana

00040h_1280x1920 00220h_1280x1920 00230h_1280x1920 00290h_1280x1920 00480h_1280x1920-2 00520h_1280x1920 00580h_1280x1920 00690h_1280x1920 00720h_1280x1920 00740h_1280x1920 00790h_1280x1920 00010h_592x888

One word: LOVE. This was definitely one of my favourite shows in all fashion weeks so far, it was an amazing celebration of motherhood. Throughout the years Dolce & Gabbana campaigns have depicted the perfect La Famiglia seen through multiple generations. Today, their collection, Viva la Mamma was all about a celebration of motherhood, dedicated to mothers of the world, and I loved it (I can’t express how amazing it was – you might realise I posted 12 pictures of the collection!!). This collection exuded D&G charm: Sicilian lace dresses, 40s skirt suits, red roses as a recurring motif (appearing in sequins, embroidery  and prints) and flare coats. In case you haven’t noticed there are little bambinos running down the runway with their mothers (so cute, I know!). Overall, this collection was extremely inspiring, exuding class, sophistication, and was oh so tasteful (and let’s face it, it makes us all want to go to Italia).

2. Salvatore Ferragamo

00020h_1280x1920 00070h_1280x1920 00170h_1280x1920 00230h 00320h_1280x1920 00400h_1280x1920

Geometry seemed to be the theme of this collection and this idea was explored thoroughly (even the carpeted catwalk was inclined to suggest that!). It came in the form of high waisted leather or tweed skirts, fluid silk dresses with vertical coloured panels, and athletic armbands of colour. This was a very personalised collection with a lot of charisma – ideal for MFW.

2nd March

1. DSquared2

00050h_1280x1920_1 00130h_1280x1920_1 00170h_1280x1920_1 00180h_592x888_1 00200h_1280x1920_1 00280h_1280x1920_1

This season, DSquared seemed to have been inspired by native Americans – everything from the colour palette from the furs and the accessories suggested that! I especially liked the coats that were featured have very alluring traits: they are comfortable, super stylish, and with a great cut! I was particularly attracted to their furs, which I though were absolutely amazing! Overall, I thought this was a really cool, outdoors collection!

2. Giorgio Armani

00010h_1280x1920 00130h_1280x1920 00270h_1280x1920 00330h_1280x1920 00590h_1280x1920 00850h_1280x1920

This season, Armani introduced a skirt/trouser into the fashion industry (some have called it a Skouser) and it is simply a wrap-around skirt layered over a pair of trousers – except it was made entirely up of one piece with the front hemline of the skirt morphing into the trouser leg. These were combined with a variety of clothes; from furry jackets, to fluttery blouses, to funnel-neck flared sleeved sweaters! I thought this was a really good collection, filled with strong looks!

In summation, MFW was amazing, I dare say my favourite of the three so far (let’s await to see what Paris has in store for us!). As I mentioned in my previous fashion week posts, there was A LOT of talent and great designs this season, but I can only feature so many looks and designers! I suggest you go and have a look at your favourite shows in their entirety! If you disagree with my choices, or think I missed out some critically sensational collections, don’t hesitate and leave a comment below, I look forward to reading them! As usual, a quote before I leave..

You must all, somewhere deep in your hearts, believe that you have a special beauty that is like no other and that is so valuable that you must not abandon it. Indeed, you must learn to cherish it.” – Sophia Loren


Mimi ♡ 


33 thoughts on “MFW 2015 Summary Report: Favourite Shows

  1. Hi! Thank you for your very kind comment on my last post!

    I love your picks from MFW, but I especially love Gucci, Luisa Beccaria and Maxmara’s collection!

    Looking forward to more posts!

    – S.Muse

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  2. Love your blog! So well written and detailed! Giorgio Armani was definitely one of my favorites, I love the pink he brought incorporated in (I am super girly).

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  3. I absolutely loved D&G and Giorgo Armani’s fashion shows! Very inspiring post! Thank you for commenting on my post about Mindy Lahiri’s fashion style …

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  4. I really loved the color story and the silhouettes from Ermmanno Scervino. I specially love the combo of the sequins top pair with the feather midi skirt in the past picture.

    I also loved the simple chic-ness of the MaxMara show.


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  5. Mimi, I can tell that you have great style based on the looks you chose from each show. (I would love to see some of your outfits!) It’s been one of my dreams to go to fashion week and your fashion week posts made me even more excited to be there in the flesh!

    Sending you hugs from America to London,



    1. Hi Tiffany! Thank you for your words! I will eventually start posting my outfits but for now I’m just fashion blogging (as in a column of a magazine!!) and letting people know of the amazing fashion out there!


  6. I was so close to Milan (I was traveling Nice, France this weekend) and was eager to visit there for fashion week. It’s amazing how you got into every fashion shows (I’m assuming you took all the photos?) — I don’t know much about fashion but your descriptions are very informative 🙂


    1. Oh no I didn’t unfortunately! It’s impossible to attend all! These are the official photos published from the fashion shows, sorry if that was unclear (thanks for thinking im that good a photographer though aha!) Thank you 🙂

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  7. You picked out some pretty amazing shows! Luisa Beccaria was one of my favorites too, as well as Versace and Fendi with Doutzen being the one to open the show! Dolce & Gabbana was the #1 if you ask me. Such a cute and beautiful show! Do you have an absolute favorite?


  8. I really loved your selection of photos and designers. Beautiful outfits this season!
    Jules xx
    Check my top-ten Oscar parade if you wish 🙂

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