NYFW 2015 Summary Report: Favourite Shows

Dear readers,

Another fashion week has come and gone, so I thought I would share my personal favourite shows and looks from this trend-setting week with all you fashionistas out there!

With her trademark pageboy bob haircut and sunglasses, the editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine, Anna Wintour, is the ideal person to introduce this post on NYFW’15. With her exceptional eye for fashion trends and her outstanding éminence grise, she established herself as one of the most powerful and prominent figures in fashion. It is not by chance that the film The Devil Wears Prada was said to be based on her, or that Ms. Wintour always gets a front row seat in fashion shows. Fashion publicist Kelly Cutrone once stated that if one isn’t seated in the first three rows at a show during Fashion Week, you might as well stay home. In other words, the row in which you are seated in a show is undeniably a public statement of how important you are in the fashion world. Evidently, it goes without saying that if the front three rows are where the fashion leaders are sat, then the crème de la crème of the fashion world (Anna Wintour, of course) sits in the front row… and the front row only. Oh, and make no mistake, if you DO have the privilege of having Anna Wintour spend her time of day on your runway show, you have basically made it as a designer.

Anyway, enough about front row politics. Keep reading to find out the biggest trends this year and which designer’s stood out the most.

12th February


00050h_1280x1920 00220h_1280x1920

00040h_1280x1920 00100h_1280x1920

This season, BCBGMAXAZRIA presented a very solid collection exuding a 70s vibe with the roll necks, folky prints and shearling sleeves. My favourite trend in this collections would have to be the intricate embroidery and the loose oversized silhouettes; perfect to wear over anything next winter. I also enjoy the colour palette selected (rich earthy tones) which contrast with the dark tones seen in many other collections this year!

2. Tadashi Shoji

00280h_1280x1920  00290h_1280x1920

00140h_1280x1920 00040h_1280x1920-2

Despite this not being part of my top favourite collections, I did enjoy the details involved in the different pieces (especially the ones featured above). This collection has a very wintery feel to it, and very interesting silhouettes were presented.

13th February

1. Zimmermann

00070h_1280x1920 00120h_1280x1920

00210h_1280x1920 00160h_1280x1920

This collection has plenty to show in the way of glamorous long-sleeve dresses, and show-stopping prints and silhouettes. If you read my earlier post (Mad Hatter), you will know that this year it is all about the hats and this trend is maintained in this collection.

2. Jason Wu

00040h_1280x1920-3 00360h_1280x1920

00090h_1280x1920 00270h_1280x1920

Over the years Wu’s aesthetic changed. He shifted from his initial ‘Park Avenue Princess look’ to a more serious working wardrobe. What I really like about his collection is the sleek, streamlined elegance of this coats, and that some of his outerwear pieces were built with zip-off sleeves and removable fur, making it more practical for day-to-day regular use.

14th February

1. Alexander Wang

00200h_1280x1920 00400h_1280x1920

00380h_592x888 00420h_1280x1920

Wang’s collection this year was one of my favourites. He explored a mix of goth/grunge/skater look, whilst keeping it sophisticated and sumptuous in a mainly black colour scheme. Whilst he plays with shearling jackets, goth-like platform shoes, and sic-fi inspired looks; he does this with a luxe and finesse.

2. Altuzarra

00170h_1280x1920  00320h_1280x1920

00010h_1280x1920 00310h_1280x1920

This season, Altuzarra presents an extremely refined and luxe collection filled with flamboyant, sexy, and seductive collection (adequate to be presented on Valentine’s Day!). Luxurious high boots, lace dresses, fluting pencil skits, and beautiful fur coats/collars were the highlights of this collection; all beautifully cut.

15th February

1. Diane von Furstenberg

00010h_1280x1920-2 00210h_1280x1920

00360h_1280x1920 00340h_1280x1920

DvF’s collection this year, aptly called Seduction, combines the seriousness of day and the frivolity of night in the boudoir. Of course, as usual, she showcases her signature wrap-dresses, in addition to sultry polka-dot sheer tights. Her collection seems to be aimed at powerful, confident, luxurious women. “By day she commands her world, by night she inspires fantasy,” said DVF – (I couldn’t agree more!)

2. Victoria Beckham

00010h_1280x1920 00210h_1280x1920

00290h_1280x1920 00220h_1280x1920

The designers sentiment behind this collection was: “It’s not about one theme – but instead thinking about what women really want to wear and how they want their clothes to make them feel.” VB presented comfort in a sophisticated way emphasising the soft womanly silhouetted. My favourite part of her collection were her coats: elegant, fitted and light.

16th February

1. Tommy Hilfiger

00330h_1280x1920  00020h_1280x1920

00170h_1280x1920 00110h_1280x1920

This year, Tommy Hilfiger is celebrating 30 years of his brand, so he decided to get inspiration from American sportswear, with a punchy athletic edge. His colour palette was very collegiate, with models wearing navy, beige and bordeaux garments.  Although we have seen this ‘American football’ look before, Hilfiger did it in a very classy and tailored way.

2. Donna Karan

00130h_1280x1920 00350h_1280x1920

00360h_1280x1920 00380h_1280x1920

Power and Poetry was the name of the collection, and Donna Karen wanted to “transform a woman from day into night, with strength and seduction” – and in my opinion she does. She seems to show us refined workwear essentials in her collection filled with belted tailored jackets, rich embroidery and tuxedo jackets. She also transforms her look from day to-night with sheer flashes of leg and origami gowns with panels of organza. In general, she presents a very well put together, sophisticated, chic collection.

17th February

1. Vera Wang

00210h_1280x1920_1 00270h_1280x1920_1

00300h_1280x1920_1 00280h_1280x1920_1

Like many others, Wang was inspired by urban edge and street style and from these inspirations she designed classic pieces, with a fresh design. Most of her designs don’t emphasise the female curve but still look alluring and attractive. Overall, a really good collection.

2. Oscar de la Renta

00300h_1280x1920_2 00440h_1280x1920_1

00520h_1280x1920_1 00280h_1280x1920_2

I am immensely proud to have been chosen as the creative director of Oscar de la Renta,”  wrote the designer Peter Copping in a letter left on guests’ seats. “Unfortunately things did not go according to our plans and I never had the chance to work with Oscar, which is something I deeply regret. He continued, “In this, my first collection, I hope to honour Oscar’s legacy and also to start a new chapter for the house.” In my opinion, his was a very successful debut filled with de la Renta classics (e.g. cashmere skirts, full-skirted day suits). Nevertheless, my favourite garments were definitely the gowns. Timeless and chic are the first words that come to mind! (Definitely one of my favourite shows!)

18th February

1. Michael Kors

ONP_5422 ONP_5493 ONP_5675 ONP_5706 ONP_5775 ONP_5846

First of all, I had so many favourites, it was impossible to pick only 4! I really loved MK’s collection this year; it all feels very wearable on a day-to-day basis and he presents many options for day and evening looks! His outfits are all aspirational lifestyles, and I’m sure there wasn’t one look that came down the runway that women didn’t want (I for one wanted everything..).  Status knitwear is set to be a big idea for autumn and Kors had it in abundance, as well as stunning fur pieces. Overall Kors excelled in day wear and evening wear – overall sensational looks that can be worn by women of every age! You probably won’t find a better coat than the ones designed by Kors this season, they are all sensational! I vehemently loved his collection – as you can probably tell!

2. Marchesa

00030h_1280x1920 00130h_1280x1920

00230h_1280x1920 00140h_1280x1920

Two words come to mind: Hollywood Glamour (or even Downtown Abbey!!). These looks are all very well conceived and are ideal to wear to an old Hollywood/20s party, and are sure to be show stoppers! I really enjoyed this collection and I’m looking forward for future Marchesa designs!

19th February

1. Ralph Lauren

00070h_1280x1920_1 00150h_1280x1920_1

00390h_1280x1920 00430h_1280x1920

50 shades of brown seemed to be the theme of Ralph Lauren’s collection. His designs are rich, cool, expensive-looking, and fit well into an autumn look! His designs the classic RL equestrian look (with the layered knitted ensembles and saddle leather belts) and cool extravaganza (with the hats and fur garments). Overall, a really well put together collection!

To conclude, (because I’m sure you must all be exhausted planning your next shopping trip after seeing these amazing collections!) it is important to emphasise that there were MANY more amazing collections and looks (e.g. Carolina Herrera and Marc by Marc Jacobs) and I just selected some of the dazzling collections debuted at NYFW. If you disagree with my choices, or think I missed out some critically sensational collections, don’t hesitate and leave a comment below, I look forward to reading them! As usual, I say goodbye with a quote..

“Create your own style… let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.” – Anna Wintour


Mimi ♡ (The Girl In A Cocktail Dress)


14 thoughts on “NYFW 2015 Summary Report: Favourite Shows

  1. Fabulous insights. Thanks for sharing. I love all of the sleek feminine lines this season … and thank the fashion gods for all of the new FRINGE! Serious question: what are your thoughts about the growing trend of fur use? I know that some designers are using a much higher quality of faux furs with outcomes so luxurious it’s difficult to tell they’re not the genuine article; but some of my friends think that even the use of fake fur sends the wrong message.


  2. your posts are so amazing! I love the way you wirte, its like im reading off a column of vogue! Will you be covering MFW? if so let me know so I can read it!

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  3. Hi, thank you for stopping by my blog. Appreciate your words of support.
    I really like your narrative on the fashion displayed during Fashion Week. Good job! It’s captivating – it kept me hooked! You should cover more of the fashion industry!

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